Seeking a nest–Snapshot–April 25th

I know, I’ve been quiet lately, folks. I’ve been editing my little fingers off! Yes, those several books I’ve been talking about, they’re all in various stages of edits right now. (Mourning Dove Locket, the next Antique Magic book is on its way, I promise!) I’ve also got some guests scheduled to visit here, soon, so, be on the look out for that. In the meantime, I had my camera out. So it’s time for my

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We had a lot of rain here, the other day, not good for taking pictures, of course, but when we stepped out the next morning, we found a little surprise.


This nest. I guess all the rain knocked it out of its tree. It doesn’t look like it’s even been used, so I feel better about that, but pity the little bird who built it. Don’t you know that poor thing went back to the tree, and thought, “Now, where the heck did I put that nest? I know I built it. Am I going crazy? Didn’t I build a nest? Where is it??”

*laughs* Poor thing, but anyway, it’s not something I get to see, much, even though we sometimes seem to have flocks of birds around here, so I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera. (I wonder if it belonged to one of our myriad mourning doves? Herm….muse at work? Possibly!)

  So, that’s my contribution to Saturday Snapshots, this time out. Have a good weekend!

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