Review: Queen of the Hill by Genevieve Jack

As promised, here is my review of QUEEN OF THE HILL by Genevieve Jack.


by Genevieve Jack

*Review copy given to me by Ms. Jack and Bewitching Book Tours.

Queen of the Hill, by Genevieve Jack, Paranormal romance, Knight Games seriesIn Genevieve Jack’s, QUEEN OF THE HILL, Grateful Knight has finally earned a little downtime, since her last battle with the vampire queen Bathory. Her own knight, Caretaker, Rick, has proposed and Grateful is gleefully (or not) planning her wedding. You’d think that would be enough stress for any gal, but then she and Rick receive a call about a murder at their friend’s business. And he’s gone missing. There’s evidence of another in his room, but the cops can’t pinpoint the third party. Nor does Grateful feel she can trust his second in command….

Things go from bad to worse when Tabetha, though she exudes a polite manner, makes it clear to Grateful that she wants not only her caretaker, but her territory. Unheard of! If that’s not enough to make the somewhat high-strung Grateful nervous, Tabetha and Rick seem to have a history that might come back to bite him. What else can it do when Rick’s in her debt for a spell that didn’t quite go the way he hoped? And somehow, Tabetha even has drawn Grateful’s friend Logan into her web.

With her distracted fiancé, a friend tied up with her enemy, a territory to run, a missing vampire, and vampire war brewing, not to mention a wedding to plan, what’s a girl to do? Will Grateful and Rick make it to the altar—alive?

You’ll have to read to find out!

I thoroughly enjoyed QUEEN OF THE HILL. Grateful is a fun little witch, even if she exudes snark now and again. I also loved her familiar, Poe. What’s not to love about a raven who can share his wisdom, even if he needs a doggie door to get inside the witch’s house? QUEEN OF THE HILL continues Genevieve Jack’s wonderful Knight Games series, but worry not. If you have not delved into it before, I think you can start here with no problem. The series continues in Ms. Jack’s new release, MOTHER MAY I, so if you’d like to check the series out, now is the time.

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For more on the series, you can check out her site at: and don’t miss my interview with her and the lovely Grateful, below. 😉 Thank you to Ms. Jack and Bewitching Book Tours for allowing me this review copy.