Freebie #KindleFreebie Friday

So, it was a very busy morning, but I wanted to pop in here and tell y’all my Gothic short story Sing a Mournful Melody is Free today, Friday, January 23, on Amazon. Synopsis:

 At the turn of the 20th century, tragedy has left Maribelle grief-stricken. After her beloved husband is murdered, his body disappears from his crypt. Worse, ghostly voices call from the widow’s Graphophone. Is she losing her mind, or does something wicked this way come?

Sing A Mournful Melody by Juli D. Revezzo, Gothic Fiction, vampire fiction, Short Story

The story was recently called, “Very atmospheric and nicely crafted. Something to read whilst partaking of coffee by the fire but perhaps not just before bedtime ;-)” by reviewer Bodicia at A Woman’s Wisdom and and “A wonderfully creepy little story.” by reviewer Kelly of Reading the Paranormal.

If you’d like it, you can get here: Amazon:

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And if you need it, Japan:

Pick up your copy and if you enjoy this short story please consider leaving a review. I hope you enjoy this spooky offering! Have a great weekend!

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