The Gothic Romances of Patty G. Henderson: Nostalgia, Homage and Diversity

These are two posts that, a sudden trip, interrupted my posting. Though they reference Halloween, I’m sorry, I’m just getting to posting them now. Still, I hope you enjoy them!

Befitting the Halloween season, we move now into the land of spooky castles, haunted moors, and heroines stuck in a foreboding situation, ladies determined to unlock the riddles and curses upon their beloveds lives and homes. Yep, I mean Gothic Romances. Don’t you just love them? I am happy to have a friend along who not only adores them, but writes them as well. Author Patty G. Henderson (who has been called the Queen of Gothics!) dropped by upon this witching hour to talk about the genre and her latest release, a Gothic lesbian romance, SHADOWS OF THE HEART. I’ve had a sneak peek of it and it looks like another winner. 🙂 While I go grab an ice cream float–erm, cup of tea–settle back and let’s visit this enchanting realm together, shall we?

Guest post by Patty G. Henderson

Anyone remember those corner drugstores that dotted every city and small town in America during the 50s, 60, and 70s? You know, the one with the small soda fountain counter with aluminum stools covered in colorful vinyl where you could order cheap hot dogs, sodas and malts. And somewhere in the middle of the drugstore was an old metal rack stuffed with paperback books with covers that were bold, colorful and some would say, cheap. Romances, science fiction, and adventure tales. And if you were lucky, some great Gothic Romances. You could tell they were Gothic Romances because of the dark, painted covers featuring a frightened heroine running from a stormy castle or mansion in the middle of a night or at the foot of some deserted lighthouse. Ah, yes, I loved those Gothic Romances.

In my neighborhood, we had Cox’s Drugstore. It was exactly how I described above, right down to a rack full of paperbacks with lots of Gothic Romances stuck among the tawdry regular romances and other paperbacks. I discovered some of my faves there, like Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney and Victoria Holt. But I also discovered many authors who never became famous or household names. But many of those wrote my favorite kind of Gothic Romance. The Historical Gothic Romance. So many of the Gothic Romance classics of those hey days were actually written in their contemporary times. But I always preferred the Gothics set back in the 1800s. Those were not as common as you might think. The Gothic Historical Romance is almost like a sub-sub-genre of Gothic Romance.

But these were all written for and consumed by the mainstream readers. Girl meets boy. Beautiful heroine and brooding hero. Very straight and very heterosexual. But what about the Gothic Romance in today’s alternative and encompassing reading public? As a lesbian writer writing within the lesbian fiction niche, I wanted to bring my love for the classic, traditional Gothic Romance to a whole new group of readers: Lesbians looking for lesbian fiction. Why not bring the atmosphere, the suspense, the beauty of Gothic Romance into the 21st Century? Beautiful heroine and brooding heroine! Girl meets girl. All the trappings, all the mood and drama and mystery, everything that makes a Gothic Romance a scrumptious read, to lesbian fiction readers. My wish was to pay homage to the classic Gothic Romance while offering alternative readers something to identify with.

I’ve written four Gothic Historical Romances for the lesbian fiction niche. But I would also like to think that anyone, whether gay or not, who loves a good Gothic Romance and can appreciate an homage to those classics but with a sexual twist, could read and appreciate my books.

My newest and latest Gothic Romance is SHADOWS OF THE HEART, released this September by Blanca Rosa Publishing.

This is the blurb to the book:

Shadows of the Heart by Patty G. Henderson, Gothic Romance, Lesbian Romance, available at Amazon

England during the early 1820s was a hostile place for unmarried women without family or home. After losing upper class standing because of her father’s gambling habit and scandalous suicide, Annalee Stewart believes her fortunes improved when she is hired as companion to the young but sickly and frail Lady Lenore Blackstone. Although the adjustment from being a member of the wealthy class to finding oneself suddenly in service to it promises to be difficult, Annalee has no choice but to accept where fate has thrown her. She did not expect, however, to be thrown into the dark and dangerous world of poisons and premeditated murder forcing her into protector status as well as companion.

Annalee’s growing attraction to Lenore, and Lenore’s unexpected positive response, puts them both in the treacherous path of Lenore’s husband, the cold and pre-occupied Earl of Blackstone. Annalee has also captured the eye of the Earl’s sister, Victoria. Her bold flirtations serve to confuse Annalee’s heart.

Thrown into this tumultuous triangle of love, seduction, and deception, Annalee must sort through her real feelings and confounded passions. Faced with the potential demise of one lover whilst falling inexplicably toward the heart of another, her own life is threatened from within Blackstone Castle. In the deepest shadows of love and loss, Annalee must feel her way through the darkness; face her fears and trust that she will uncover the beacon she needs to find her path to true love.

 You’ll find all the trappings of the old, classic Gothic Historical Romances in SHADOWS OF THE HEART, as you will in each of my other Gothic Romances and I do hope you will take the chance and read my newest and latest, SHADOWS OF THE HEART, and try the other three Gothics as well, THE SECRET OF LIGHTHOUSE POINTE, CASTLE OF DARK SHADOWS and PASSION FOR VENGEANCE. All are available as eBooks and trade paper on and Barnes and
Thank you to Juli for allowing me to introduce you to my homage to the classic Gothic Romance in a new set of clothes!

You’re welcome, Patty! It’s always a pleasure to have you visit.

Where to buy SHADOWS OF THE HEART and my other Gothic Romances:

Patty G. Henderson is an author, artist and publisher. She loves historical fiction, especially historical mysteries, film and television. She’s also a fan of supernatural literature and films, and the author of the Brenda Strange Paranormal Mystery Series as well as three Gothic Historical Romances and several anthologies.

“My passion to write comes from a desire to entertain. Nothing more. I come from a family who loved to tell tales around the dinner table, my grandmother fondest of ghost stories. If I’ve managed to lure a reader into another place and time, and after they close the book, the story still lingers, then I’ve done what I love doing as a writer.”

“If I succeeded in doing that, I would be very grateful if you took a few minutes to write a review on Amazon for SHADOWS OF THE HEART or any of my books that you should happen across. Reviews can be very helpful, and I absolutely love to read the various insights from satisfied readers. Thank you so very much. Until we meet again…”

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Thank you, Patty! As ever, it’s been a pleasure having you. SHADOWS OF THE HEART looks intriguing! We wish you all the best with it. Folks, if you’d like to check out more about SHADOWS OF THE HEART, see Patty’s website and find the book online at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and in ebook and paperback formats. We hope you enjoy it!


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