Something Wicked In LA–What happens with Demons by Suzanne G. Rogers

I love the Halloween season, don’t you? It’s the one time of the year when we can get a bang out of scaring ourselves silly. 😉 Okay, paranormal fans get that giddy feeling every day of the year when they go ghost hunting or pick up a favorite book on the subject, but still, to the rest of the world, it’s the one time of the year. So, once again, I’ve gathered up some pals to celebrate this fun time of the year. Today, we start off with author S. G. Rogers whose baddies in her new book Something Wicked In L.A., fit very well into this spooky time of year. So let’s offer up the candy and welcome, Suzanne G. Rogers! (although, maybe not because now, I have an earworm stuck in my head. Let me see if where that dungeon key is…. 😉 No? Oh very well. My assistants are telling me I shouldn’t open the dungeon. Who knows, they say, what might crawl out. *shudder* So we’ll just go put on some Metallica and let that be the theme for dear Suzanne G. Rogers’ little talk about…


What Happens With Demons


Halloween! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Okay, perhaps that’s a Christmas tune, but the point still stands.

I don’t know what can be more fun than to dress up as something or someone else, and one’s costume is only limited by one’s creativity! Similarly, I unleashed my creativity when I sat down to write Something Wicked IN LA, my first full-length paranormal novel. It’s set in Los Angeles, where all good ghouls go to strut their stuff, and uses much of the local geography and natural phenomenon to fashion an otherworldly paradigm. The premise revolves around the modern-day Nephilim (offspring of sons of God and daughters of men) who have banded together to fight demons. Amongst the Nephilim, there’s one law than cannot be broken; the Leap Day birth prohibition. If a Nephilim born on Leap Day is sacrificed in a demonic ritual on his or her eighteenth birthday, it will result in the Apocalypse. Despite their best intentions, Tori’s parents give birth to her on Leap Day and must go into hiding to save her life. Tori is kept in the dark, of course, and almost eighteen years later, she and her friends must figure out who she can trust and who wants to kill her. Enjoy the excerpt, below, and most of all…


Happy Halloween! ~ Suzanne G. Rogers


The address Cody had given Felicia was for a former movie props and costume warehouse in Hollywood. The large brick edifice had a For Rent sign posted and a pair of enormous demons were patrolling the walkway out front. As Tori dismounted Raven’s motorcycle, her eyes widened at the size of the seven-foot tall creatures.
“What are those?” she whispered. “Trolls?”
“Security goblins,” Raven said. “You don’t want to mess with security goblins. They’re much harder to kill than other sorts of demons.”
Felicia pulled a small spray bottle out of her pocket. “Lift your hair so I can spray this on your neck, Tori.”
“Is that perfume?”
“Colloidal silver. Discourages vamps from taking a nibble.”
A pang of fear shot through Tori, along with a surge of adrenaline. “Would they really do that?”
“It’s considered bad manners for anyone to eat, maim, or kill one another at these sorts of parties, but accidents have been known to happen. Better safe than sorry.”
Felicia sprayed Tori, Raven, her brother, and herself with the clear, odorless liquid, and then they crossed the dark street toward the warehouse. One of the security goblins pointed them to the side entrance of an adjacent soundstage, which was guarded by another pair of goblins dressed up as ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Inside the door, a woman clad in a gold toga sat behind a replica of an Egyptian coffin.
Tori leaned closer to Raven. “I’m sensing a theme.”
The toga-clad woman peered at them through her heavy black eyeliner. “Who invited you?”
“Cody Mime,” Felicia said.
The woman’s severe expression softened. “That goat’s a charmer.” Her shiny black hair rippled, and Tori realized it was actually a mass of asps. “All right, boys and girls. No weapons past this point. No fighting with anyone. No photographs or video. Trash talk is strictly prohibited. What happens at the party stays at the party. Do you agree to abide by these rules?”



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Folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I. Thanks for joining the Halloween party with us, this year, Suzanne!

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