Witch or what?



Well… You know, that’s a hard question to answer. When I started out, lo many, many decades ago, I studied all the Wicca books, leaned toward the Farrars, and Cunningham. Cunningham is still one of my favorite writers on the subject. But in recent years, due to allergies and lack of time and whatnot, I moved away from the strict ritual forms and schedules followed by most Wiccans. Most of my ritual forms moved into my storytelling, and one wouldn’t be surprised to find my characters noting the phase of the moon. As my signature states, even my characters are witches of some sort.

Loose as my practice became, within the last year I started I attending monthly drum circles. I still “lock up” the house at night as I always have, I still stir my cooking dinner clockwise for good intentions and health. Yet I’ve gotten more interested in Druidic belief and forms. I follow the Druidic gods I’ve followed for the last ten years of my life and doubt that will ever change. I don’t know where that might lead, but those that have followed this blog for a while will remember, I’m nothing if not a bookworm. 😉 I’ve delved back into my reading about the ancient Celts and that research is showing up in my stories, and elsewhere. The drum circles may not have been part of the life of the ancient Celts (although I do know they drummed) it somehow fits in if only in that I’ve enjoyed attending them once a month.

I’ve even gone, as you can see from my previous posts, a little more organic. I believe in Karma, and reincarnation, and always will; whatever title I want to use for myself, or you want to use for me, I seriously doubt that will ever change. So is that witchy? Druidic? An evolution and a combination of both, I’d say.

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