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A glimpse at the muse….

This is my sweet little brother on the cancer floor. Note the video game controller in his hands. That was one of his other big loves besides Halloween and scary movies. You maybe can’t see it under his hands, but he’s wearing an “Army of Darkness”

I “inherited” it from him.


Like I said, l’il bro’s the reason I’m donating to the royalties from the sales of my Antique Magic series (through January 8th) to the  Fibro Foundation. In fact, that pic (the top one, not the one of my funny-looking self in the same shirt) is of him getting chemo for his #Fibrolamellar cancer–hence the IV in his chest. I think it rocks that the hospital let him take his video games).

Thanks to all who’ve already bought the Antique Magic books yesterday. I hope you enjoy them!benefitsalebanner

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