nails experiment–Sinful Dream On

So I always love a pretty nail color. One of my favorite colors is purple. So when I ran across Sinful Colors’ Dream On I couldn’t resist. When I got it home and tried it on I found out it was a matte finish.

Pretty. But since I don’t have a matte top coat that pretty matte finish goes quickly by the wayside.  And with a topcoat (Sally Hansen No Chip–a more expensive polish I don’t usually buy anything over $4 because it’s too expensive) it looks like this:

Um, sort of. Two different cameras, and yet it’s not as purple as it looks in real life. It’s way more purple than that.

However, here it is after one day’s wear, this is after a shower, and doing the dishes, and other things that involve washing hands–because in real life, folks my hands end up in water–and typing of course.

Remember this is with Sally Hansen’s “No Chip” acrylic top coat. Less than 12 hours later. And yes, before you ask, I do do the nail wrap thing for all it does any good.

 Um, so yeah. Another Polish Fail….No I had no opportunity to check the reviews on this where I got it. (There was no internet access where I was in NC) So there goes my last stretch of faith in Sally Hansen, too… However I will say the top coat worked better with some of my other polish flavors. Just not this particular one.