Passion for Vengeance by Patty G. Henderson.

Passion for Vengeance by Patty G. Henderson

Patty G. Henderson’s new Gothic Romance, Passion for Vengeance tells a tale of a family torn apart. Jane Havens,  has watched her father the illustrious Colonel Havens die, and her brother Cole slip into alcoholism, while her youngest brother Henry still needs a firm hand. She’s done all she could with the boy but needs help. When Miss Emma Stiles arrives on her doorstep, she thinks she’s found a savior in a fine dress.

There is an instant—and forbidden—attraction between the two women, but Emma comes with baggage of her own. Not all of it able to contain a wardrobe. She is a woman with a haunted past, and apparently, a grudge. She has a strange proclivity for dancing under the stars, a love for Absinthe, and also has a very odd talent. Known as sin eating she can take a person’s sin on herself, thereby erasing the dead person’s deeds and sending them off to meet their maker with a clean soul.

Because of this she feels she owes a debt to society. But her own soul isn’t completely spotless to begin with. Jane’s old, dear nursemaid thinks she knows why, especially given all the evidence against Miss Stiles. Truly, did any of the strange accidents that begin befalling the Havens family begin until Miss Stiles arrived?

Impossible! How could the woman Jane loves have anything to do with all these things?

How can she? I can’t tell. You’ll have to read Passion For Vengeance yourself. Patty’s latest Gothic is sure to please fans of lesbian romance, as well as the old Gothic Romances of the 60s and 70s. If you’d like to check it out, it’s available at Amazon for Kindle and paperback and in epub from Barnes and Noble.


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