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Change isn’t always good.

I opened my inbox this week and found Google was at it again. They’ve added lovely tabs. What’s this mean? All the stuff that used to be in my inbox, nice and lined up where I could run down each email quickly…. is now segregated by some odd Google decision-making. Yoohoo! Bloggers, where are you? Under Promotions. Friends who are hosting me on there blogs, where are you? Under Promotions. Friends who blurt junk out to Google+ (which in my opinion is utterly useless) you’re under Social. In short, the stuff I want to see, is now considered junk. And the junk? Right in my good ole top level inbox. *sigh* What else does this mean? Well, according to this article by the mailing list provider to the world, Mailchimp, it means:

I learned from my research that the new Gmail inbox is bringing down open rates, but the change isn’t dramatic at this point. Time will tell if the trend lasts. 

Wonderful. So, I guess we’ll be missing even more of the important information we want. Thanks, a lot, Google. Change good? As we’ve seen with the frustration over Triberr‘s sheenanigans, (another rant in itself, despite having my own tribe there)  no. Not always. Anyway, stay tuned, folks. I have a big announcement coming here soon!:)

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