Tuesday Teaser–Tournament of Chance by S.G. Rogers

This is from Suzanne G. Rogers‘ latest release, Tournament of Chance

This is my teaser for the day (review forthcoming).

“Swim to that cave.”

As she swam into the mouth of the cave, Heather took care to avoid an enormous, barnacle-encrusted ship’s anchor lodged to one side. Although the surf was relatively calm, she was relieved to reach solid ground. Exhausted, she climbed onto the flat rocks at the cave opening, shed her boots and collapsed in the late afternoon sun. Joe kicked off his boots, then removed his shirt and twisted it to squeeze out the excess moisture. If Heather had been alone, she would have done the same.

“Are we safe here? Won’t the king’s guards follow us?” she asked.

“Nah,” he replied. “They don’t want to run into my little friend.”

“Who do you mean?”

“You’ll see.” Joe turned his head toward the cave, cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled, “Hey, Lizard Lips!”

Something stirred in the depths of the cave. Despite her fatigue, Heather jumped to her feet in alarm. As she peered into the darkness, she saw an enormous creature undulating in her direction. Lunging for her boot, she pulled her hunting knife from its hidden sheath and took a fighting stance. Joe’s laughter was disconcerting.

“Relax. Shimmer won’t hurt you as long as you’re with me.”

The creature emerging from the darkness was a huge black dragon, large enough to dwarf her family’s stone cottage back home. Heather blanched. The dragon ignored her, and bent his head down toward Joe.

“Hello, Your Highness. Is this female my dinner?” the dragon said.

Heather bristled with fear, but she wasn’t going into that gullet without a fight. Barefooted and soaking wet, she brandished the knife in her hand.

“Just who’re you calling dinner?”

*g* Poor Heather!

If you’d like to try Tournament of Chance, it’s available from Amazon, I hope you enjoy it!