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I’ve been tagged by my friend and paranormal romance author Mackenzie Crowne. eep!


So, I have to find “Look” in my books and post a bit for you. Let’s see here….. Oh! Here’s a good one.
From The Artist’s Inheritance:

TAINEW700copyFor weeks on end, there wasn’t an evening that passed
when Caitlin had him all to herself before he fell exhausted into their bed and ignored any attempt she made to gain his interest. He was always too weary now.
He talked constantly about his latest piece and planned similar pieces in various sizes. As he planned, he worked.
She hoped he’d make the decision to sell all his pieces. She grew tired of looking at the large, elaborate chair, tired of avoiding her own attic. The right interest should convince him to sell.
She hoped it came soon.
She stood back, studying the pieces, trying to see the charm that so overwhelmed Trevor. “Damned if I see it.”
He’d done fine work, but a shudder crawled up her spine when she looked at the pieces. They were all of them creepy. As if touched by some curse.

Is it cursed? Well, if you’d like to find out, The Artist’s Inheritance is available for Kindle at Amazon for $.99 right now. I hope you check it out, and like it!

And from my short story House of Cards:

The eagle’s call drew his gaze to the tree. That same damned tree stood overlooking the scene, now glowing a ghastly, deep red, and in its
Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal, supernatural, horror, Reign of Tarot series, Paris light, he could see her. The strange hag’s body hung upside down from the branch beneath the eagle’s perch; the rope from
which she hung seemed like the maker wove it of some thing’s gory entrails. But the hangman had taken care to catch the hag’s skirt beneath his noose, so at least part of her remained demurely covered. The left, exposed side, of her body was nothing but bone
and cartilage. The eagle ruffled its feathers; the hag craned her neck to meet Sinjon’s startled eyes. “What do you see, sir? Step forward, if you dare.”
“Dare?” He wondered if he had heard right. He hadn’t dared anything tonight. If he dared anything, it was to turn, to escape. As he moved, he jerked to an abrupt halt.
Looking over his shoulder for what held him, he still saw nothing. Turning again, he found himself nose to nose with the hag. “What do you see, Sinjon Maigny? Tell me why I’d be executed thusly.”

What does he see? You’ll have to read to find out! If you’d like to give it a try, it too is available for $.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Enjoy.

And check out Mac’s work too while you’re at it. 🙂

My five tags? Aside from Mac, because she’s one strong cookie, there’s:

Jolene Dawe

Marsha A. Moore

Calisa Rhose

S.G. Rogers

Anna Small


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