New release–let the Halloween season begin!

Hi, Everyone. I love this time of year don’t you? Everything that can be whacky, will. Hubby’s car didn’t start first thing yesterday morning and there I am out in my jammies wanting to drive a stake through the engine–I mean, helping. At least it wasn’t so freakin’ humid.


In other news, I just wanted to let you know, I have a new story out. A little something to get you in the Halloween Mood.

House of Cards

As a young nobleman, Sinjon escapes the Terror in 18th century France to find himself dragged into an even worse fate–a hellish underworld wherein he is cajoled by a hag-like Hanged Woman and put on trial for crimes he never committed. Can he answer the hag’s riddles and thwart his fate, one worse than the guillotine?

It’s available now at Amazon for you Kindle fans and Smashwords for $.99. A little dark, paranormal fantasy, with a historical twist. Just in time to begin celebrating for Halloween! *Kermit flail* YAAAHH!! I hope you like it. If you do, please like and tag it, and if you feel up to it, leave a review at Amazon. 🙂 Enjoy!