Halloween–Fantasy romance author Frankie Robertson

This day is a day for ups and downs. Sometimes, I think Dr. Franken-helsing and his rats are gone and then… back again. To say my poor minions are frazzled would be an understatement! I’m shocked–shocked, I tell you–that my guests have not run screaming for their lives. But no. See, we have one more to introduce you to here. Ms. Frankie (*peers at Frankie* er, are you at all related to the poor excuse for a doctor, dear?)

Author Frankie Robertson

Frankie Robertson: Why no, Mistress. Of course not.

*peers a little harder and Mistress shrugs* Okay, then. Ms. Frankie Robertson writes about angels, so she can’t be bad. Come tell us a little about your works, my dear. First off, tell us a little about yourself and your work.

Frankie: Science fiction and fantasy were my first loves in genre fiction. I devoured the work of authors like Clarke, Simak, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley. It wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I discovered the romance genre. When I did, I realized that many of my favorite fantasy novels had romantic elements in them. I’ve always wanted to see more of the romance between Faramir and Eowyn in Tolkien’s RETURN OF THE KING, so when I got serious about writing, I naturally chose to write fantasy with a lot of romance, and romance with a lot of magic. That’s why I chose “Romance, Mystery, and Magic” as a tagline.

Mistress: Yes, I can see why. Now, if you’ll indulge us,  for the questions. What inspired your novels?

Frankie: DANGEROUS TALENTS and FORBIDDEN TALENTS grew out of my love for fantasy literature, especially the “fish out of water” stories where contemporary characters travel to a magical land, as they do in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, and Joy Chant’s RED MOON AND BLACK MOUNTAIN.

VEILED MIRROR was inspired a little by my work with the Western Society for Paranormal Research. I’m not very “sensitive” but I have had a few interesting experiences, so I used those when I wrote about the ghost in that story.

My novelette WITH HEART TO HEAR was inspired by a friend’s dream. My version has a lot more sex in it than hers did. 😉

Mistress: From what my minion tells me, that’s true of what she’s read of your works. But what drew you to the angels you write of in LIGHTBRINGER?

Frankie: Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “If there are such things as angels, I hope they’re organized along the lines of the Mafia.” I liked that idea. I also wanted to write some novels that included secret occult societies. LIGHTBRINGER is the first of several novels that combine those ideas.

Mistress: It’s a good combination. Intriguing. Now then, let’s not spend the whole night being so serious, shall we. Favorites?

Frankie: favorite color: turquoise

favorite drink: dark beer

favorite divination tool: Tarot cards

favorite psychic ability: telekenesis

*Mistress taps nails* What did my minions give you, my dear? Although, I’m not arguing (except maybe about the beer–never could stomach the stuff. Don’t know why my neighbors developed it. *Horrified look* Oh dear. What did I just say?) I’m afraid they’ve added a little something untoward in the brew. What I was going to ask was first: Favorite version of this holiday: All Hallow’s Eve or All Saint’s Day?

Frankie: Both. My birthday is November 1st, so first I get candy, and then I get cake and presents!

Mistress: Oh, my, why didn’t you say so earlier? We could’ve set up the party for you, this year! Minions, make a note! *pats Frankie’s hand* Happy birthday, my dear. So tell me, what should we set up for you? Let’s see, I’m sure one of the minions can take care of you? Maybe Yanick over there?


What’s your favorite scary movie?

Frankie: Aliens.

Mistress: Good choice! Next item: Dr. Frankenstein or Dracula?

Frankie: Frank Langella’s Dracula. Or maybe George Hamilton’s in “Love At First Bite.” 😉

Mistress: That was a “hoot”, some of my younger minions might say. Candy corn or chocolate?

Frankie: Who can choose?

Mistress: Quite right. So setting that decision aside, how about something a little easier. What are you going to dress up as for Halloween this year?

Frankie: A fortune teller.

*Mistress holds out hand* What’s my future look like?

Frankie: Hard to say. You’ve got a very long love line, though.

*Mistress smiles* You have no idea. If you could be in any classic horror novel, or story (such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Carmilla, Turn of the Screw, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Tell-Tale Heart? The Raven?), which would it be?

Frankie: Saki’s “The Open Window” is a favorite, and as far as I’m concerned, JANE EYRE is a horror novel.

Mistress: No argument there. The stuff that poor woman goes through! Speaking of novels, please give us a taste of your work.

Frankie: Here’s a description of LIGHTBRINGER:


Jared Price is a Celestial, one of a race of beings often taken for angels. Exiled on earth, he’s offered a chance to return to the Celestial Realm. All he has to do is protect Cassie Lewis from a demonic assassin.

A genuine psychic, Cassie can’t resist Jared’s Celestial aura, but she doesn’t trust him. He’s hiding something behind his strong mental barriers and she’s learned the hard way that what you don’t know can hurt you. But when a demon tries to kill her, Cassie has no one else to turn to.

Then the stakes are raised even higher, and Jared must decide if Cassie’s love is worth sacrificing a dream he’s held on to for 150 years.


The saloon-style doors separating the bar area from the restaurant lobby squeaked open, but it was the young woman who’d stolen his spot who hesitated in the entry, not the man Jared was waiting for. He didn’t know what appearance Gideon would assume this time, but he was sure it wouldn’t be that of a pretty, curvaceous woman—though Gideon would happily steal his parking spot. Jared again admired the gentle sway of her rounded bottom as she made a circuit of the room, searching for someone, frowning. She was a little too zaftig to suit the current fashion, but she would have been considered beautiful fifty years ago, back when Jane Russell and Maureen O’Hara were stars. Just the type a man could take to his bed and enjoy a good romp with, without fear of breaking her.

The woman completed her survey of the room and sat down two seats away. The bartender put a napkin down in front of her and asked what she wanted.

She thought about it for a moment, as if this were a special treat. “A Black Russian, please.”

Up close she was even more lovely. Her emerald eyes were set in a heart shaped face, surrounded by soft amber curls that tumbled down to her shoulders. In a calf-length skirt and light sweater she wasn’t dressed to allure, but that didn’t matter. Blatant sexuality was over-rated. Even from six feet away, Jared ‘s enhanced senses brought him her scent, a mix of soap, jasmine, and woman. The fragrance curled through his head and made his pulse pick up speed.

When the bartender brought her drink, Jared put a ten on the counter. “Let me,” he said, raising his voice enough to be heard over the game.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, then widened in recognition. “Oh! It’s you! I’m sorry about cutting you off. I hate it when someone does that to me, but I was really late. Or I thought I was. I’m waiting for someone.”

Jared leaned back on his stool and gave her a soft smile. “No harm done. I’m waiting for someone too. Perhaps we could wait together?”

She paused for a moment, as if reading between the lines of his question, then inclined her head and gestured to the seat beside her. “Okay.”

He was careful not to move too quickly as he joined her. “I’m Jared Price.” He offered his hand.

“Cassie.” She hesitated, then took it.

At their touch, a tingle danced over Jared’s skin, and his cock took notice. The long muscles in his back twinged as if his wings ached to unfurl. What the hell? He didn’t even have wings in this form. Realization hit, throwing his heartbeat into overdrive.

Damnation! She’s Progeny!

Mistress: One of our minions is reading this  right now and she tells me she’s enjoyed it, thinks others will too. So thanks for presenting it for our guests, Frankie. Now then, where can our guests find you on that evil little realm called the Web?

Frankie: Come visit my blog/website at http://FrankieRobertson.com. You can also find me on Twitter @FrankiRobertson

You can find all my books through my Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/Frankie-Robertson/e/B005M6OP62

Thanks for being with us tonight, Frankie.

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