Halloween event–guest post: romance author Mackenzie Crowne

*Night Mistress peeks into crystal ball* Oh good. I think the werewolf clans are distracting the villagers. *sigh* It’s about time we got a chance to breathe. It will be a refreshing change, don’t you think? A little peace and quiet, hopefully for the rest of this event. 

Our next victim– 

*Juli pokes Mistress* Be nice.

 Mistress: Very well. Our next guest, Mackenzie Crowne, writes a little about weres. I think she tamed them on the way in. Mackenzie, thank you so much for that charm you cast. *sighs relief* Come sit by the fire, dear, and tell us a little about yourself and your work.

author Mackenzie Crowne

 Author Mackenzie Crowne: I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother. My husband and I were blessed with two rambunctious little boys who we managed to raise into wonderful men without any disfiguring mishaps. Dirt bikes and ESPN are the order around our house, and life at the ‘Testosterone Ranch’ more closely resembles one of today’s wacky reality shows, than yesterday’s Leave It To Beaver.

Mistress: What does these days? Of course, the old days I remember would make Beaver weep. There was this time when the villagers wanted to… What? *sigh* Oh, very well. The Minion’s telling me I was rude to interrupt. (as if she knows anything about manners.My apologies, dear Mac. So tell us about your love of writing? When did that start?

Mackenzie: My love of books, specifically the romance genre, has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer. A bout with breast cancer sharpened my resolve to see my stories shared with others. As of today, I am a five-year survivor, living my dream.

Mistress: Congratulations on five years! Tell us a little about your work. What inspired your novel Gift of the Realm? 

Mackenzie: My husband and I were driving on a dirt road in the middle of the mountains and another vehicle must have crested a hill in the distance because suddenly a beam of light shot up into the night sky. I thought, wow, that looks like a doorway into another dimension. It disappeared almost immediately, but my imagination was already engaged. I can’t possibly explain the convoluted trip from doorway to a fairy mound beneath a ring of stones in Ireland, but the journey produced Gift of the Realm.

Mistress: Now for the fun questions: Which are your favorites? All Hallow’s Eve or All Saint’s Day?

Mackenzie: Hallow’s Eve definitely. Halloween makes it possible for a weenie like me to embrace the lighter side of spooky.

Mistress: Aw, we won’t tell, will we folks? So, maybe this next question doesn’t apply do you have any favorite scary movies? Or should I say, how do you feel about them?

Mackenzie: I HATE scary movies. I remember watching Psycho when I was a little girl. For a year afterwards, I was scared to go upstairs, so I would make my little sister go first. 😉

Mistress: Some siblings do make good sacrifices. 😉 Why are the minions protesting now? *sigh* Please, I am trying to conduct a serious discussion here. *shakes head* Don’t mind them, dear. I’m torturing them as soon as you head home for the night. 😉 Who do you like better: Dr. Frankenstein, or Dracula?

Mackenzie: Dracula. He’s such a snazzy dresser. Gotta love a guy in a tux.

Mistress: Candy corn or chocolate?

Mackenzie: Chocolate. Candy corn is nasty!

Mistress: So I’ve been told. What are you going to dress up as for Halloween this year?

Mackenzie: I’ll be pulling out my standard devil’s horns to pass out candy to the little angels who ring my bell.

Mistress: I hope no angry villagers show up at your door! 😉 If you could be in any classic horror novel, or story (such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Carmilla, Turn of the Screw, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Tell-Tale Heart? The Raven?), which would it be?

 Mackenzie: Hmm. Weenie remember?

 Mistress: Oh, you are not!

Mackenzie: Horror novels are even worse than movies. Can I choose Young Frankenstein instead?

 Mistress: Definitely! I’ll tell you a secret: That’s a favorite around here too. Every once in a while my minions quote it. 😉 Back to the subject at hand: Please give us a taste of your work.

Gift of the Realm 

Beneath the fairie mound of Dunhaven’s Door, two dreamers meet their destiny… After a decade of trying to outrun her debilitating dreams, Keely returns to Ireland to face the ancient ring of stones and the man haunting them. Within the stones, she embraces her fairie heritage and her mystical gifts. But can she trust the handsome Halfling who shares her dreams and holds her heart? When Keely reappears in his life, Colin’s fairie blood threatens to gain the upper hand. Compelled to assist the lovely Halfling, he agrees to help her break the three-hundred-year-old curse on their families, but he’ll do it on his terms—as a black wolf. Together, two Halflings can stand against any power, but only love can break the bonds of bitterness. Will Colin’s arrogant plan to outwit the King of the Fairies doom Keely for eternity? Or is their love enough to break the curse?

Mistress: Sounds very romantic! Where can our guests find you on that evil little realm called the Web?

Mackenzie: I love making new friends. Stop on by and visit me @ http://mackenziecrowne.com/wp/ https://www.facebook.com/MackenzieCrowne https://twitter.com/MacCrowne

You can find Gift of the Realm @ http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=177_139&products_id=4826 or http://www.amazon.com/Gift-of-the-Realm-ebook/dp/B007XU2BBG/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1335621060&sr=1-2

Thanks for being with us, Mackenzie. We wish you all the best of luck with the book and hope to see you back here again sometime! 😉 I might even see if I can get Dracula to visit the next time. post signature