Halflings by Heather Burch

Heather Burch
(review copy provided by Heather and the kind folks at Zondervan)

In Heather Burch‘s debut novel, Halflings, she introduces high school student Nikki Youngblood. More interested in her Karate matches than fitting in a school, she doesn’t realize even bigger plans are in store.

When she’s attacked by a pack of hell hounds, and saved by a mysterious group of boys, all she can think of is how grateful she is to be alive. Did she really, though, see something odd about the boys.? And now even bigger things start to happen, a fire at a genetics lab, the arrival of a strange mentor who seems not only to be interested in Nikki’s parents antiques but also, in Nikki herself. What is it about Damon and why do Mace and Raven seem to dislike him so much? And who killed her parents and what does this all have to do with the end of the world?And more importantly, what does Nikki have to do with it all and can she really choose between Mace and Raven?

You’ll have to read Halflings to Find out! Though it’s a little heavy-handed on the religious connotations (well, it is put out by a Bible publisher), I’m sure fans of paranormal YA will enjoy this muchly, especially those seeking an alternative to Twilight. If you’d like to try Heather‘s novel, it’s available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble stores everywhere; it’s available in Kindle, Nook and in hardcover. Book two is just about to be released, and hopefully will answer some of the questions Halflings left unanswered. So be on the look out for that too.