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Today, I have another special treat for you. Talented Fantasy YA author Suzanne G. Rogers has come to talk a little bit about her new book, DANI & THE IMMORTALS –ooh, and do I see something interesting in her hands, why, yes!  A bottle of mead. Come on up to the mic, dear. Don’t worry, parents, we’ve got goodies for your little ones too. I think they’ll like this book.

Go ahead,  Suzanne.  Tells us a little bit about what you’ve brought.

The Need for Mead
Mead; photo credit: Grapetonix,
CC Attribution, Tobias Radeskog

Throughout Norse mythology, many references are made to mead. This nectar of the gods was so highly prized it was on the menu at Valhalla, served by no less than the lovely Valkyrie. Death isn’t so bad when you can belly up to the bar afterwards for a horn of lip-smacking deliciousness, right?
Mead, also called honey wine, is viewed as the Father of Fermentation. It’s not quite as old as dirt, but it dates back to around 7000 BC. Basic mead is produced by fermenting a solution of water and honey. No meadery around the corner? No problem. Brew your own, at home, with this time-tested recipe:
First, use rainwater kept for several years;
Next, measure out a sextarius (which is one sixth of a congius) of water;
Mix the water with a pound of honey;
Expose the mixture to sunlight for 40 days, and then leave on a shelf near the fire.
(If you’re out of rainwater, boiled spring water may be used as a substitute in a pinch)
(Recipe courtesy of Columella, De Re Rustica, AD 60.)
I don’t know about you, but if it’s good enough for Odin, it’s good enough for me.
~ Suzanne G. Rogers

Here here! For those of us who don’t imbibe alcohol, I wonder what a non-alcoholic version might taste like–just a bit of honey and rain water? Mmm…..honey. How about an excerpt of your book, Suzanne?


Dani and the Immortals, Suzanne G. Rogers


After Dani is kidnapped by Odin’s Ravens and taken to Asgard, she becomes enmeshed in a quarrel between immortals. Worse, when the theft of a magical artifact becomes an explosive political debacle, accusations of blame turn her into an outlaw. To avert disaster, she must undertake a dangerous quest involving ogres, dark fairies, and underworld criminals. Ultimately, however, she’ll have to defy Odin himself.

“Right. How about you trade me the magical shield in your pocket for directions to the Rainbow Bridge?”
Dani peered at him. So Rein had been watching her and the Ravens. Although she wasn’t about to give up the brooch, maybe she could strike another bargain with him. According to The Asgard Adventure, elves were supposed to love challenges.
“No deal,” she said. “But I challenge you to hand-to-hand combat. If I win, you show me how to find the Rainbow Bridge. If I lose, the shield is yours and I’ll be on my way.”
The band of elves hooted and hollered in derision, but Rein grinned.
“You’re on,” he said. “Do I get my choice of weapons?”
“No weapons,” Dani said.
“No weapons?” he scoffed. “Fine. I’ll try not to hurt you too much.”
“That’s excellent,” she replied, tossing her backpack to the ground. “I don’t enjoy pain.”


DANI & THE IMMORTALS  is available in all formats from Amazon.
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Thanks for being with us, Suzanne. Good luck with DANI & THE IMMORTALS! It sounds fun. Now, about that bottle next to you…..

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