Review: The Last Great Wizard of Yden

The Last Great Wizard of Yden
Suzanne G. Rogers

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The Last Great Wizard of Yden is a YA fantasy novel by author S.G. Rogers. The story concerns Jon Hansen whose father disappears on Jon’s 16th birthday. Jon insists he saw someone kidnap his father in a flash of light. Then his father just disappeared into thin air. The police are skeptical of the actual events surrounding Dr. Hansen’s disappearance and Jon’s mother is beside herself.
The only remnant Dr. Hansen left behind is a dragon ring he’d meant to gift to Jon, and what a weird ring it is as Jon finds out. The ring transports him to another world, one medieval in tone, run by evil kings. Yden. The setting for all his father’s fantastical bedtime stories. Where wizards are very real—or they were before the Wolf Clan wizard succeeded in killing off almost all of them. Same goes for the dragons.

The culprit?

The last wizard, the wicked Wolf Clan wizard Efysian—or so Jon is sure, for his dreams show him the wizard is holding his father prisoner.

While Jon is amazed that Yden is actually real, he has no idea how to free his father. Back at home, his mother’s contemplating selling their house and moving, now that her beloved husband’s gone; Jon’s uncle is trying to teach him how to fight like a man; and the local press has gotten wind of his statement to the police and printed it for all the world to see. Now the whole freshman class thinks Jon’s a lunatic who believes his father abducted by aliens. How embarrassing!

Then an aging wizard, and a pretty girl crash into the schoolyard. The wizard in a coma, the girl, Kira, begs Jon to return to Yden with her to defeat the evil Efysian—not to mention the equally nasty king.

Could the school year get any worse?

How can Jon possibly save his father, when he doesn’t have the first clue what to do with his burgeoning powers? You’ll have to read to find out.

Though marketed toward teenaged YA reading audiences, Suzanne G. Rogers’ The Last Great Wizard of Yden is delightful little novel with a mixture of high, urban fantasy, and YA fantasy elements that I think any fan of the genres will enjoy. I know I did! In fact, I really, really enjoyed it and can’t say that enough (I really, really, really liked it! )

If you’d like to try it out, it’s available for Kindle and Audible versions at Amazon.


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