Fiona by P.L. Parker–review

by author P.L. Parker
(This book was given to me for review by the author. *waves* Thanks!)

The story goes, Fiona Sutton gets into a car wreck on her way home from the Renaissance faire in modern day where she spent the day, helping her mother sell herbs and potions and such. She wakes up not in a hospital, but wandering the desert, looking for anything familiar. She doesn’t realize she’s somehow found herself in China–5000 years in the past. A band of traders pick her up and take her back to their settlement. They don’t know where she’s come from and she can’t explain a thing to them, since, you know, she speaks English and they don’t.

Fiona slowly comes to learn her way around this new world, while her caretaker Tanith, decides she’d be a perfect match for the tribe’s next leader Kellach. All Fiona wants to do is go home–no matter how good looking Kellach is. He promises to take her back to where they found her, where she hopes she can get home, but in the meantime, he’s not above seducing her. (hey, this is a romance, after all)

Unfortunately,  there’s a particular thorn in Kellach’s side, an incredibly evil woman who fancies herself high priestess—and Kellach’s next wife. Thus, she loathes the strange new arrival and plots to kill her at the first possible chance.

I got this book from the author for review, quite awhile ago. Thanks to her for sending it (and for being so patient). My thoughts on the book? Kellach and Fiona’s love seemed to blossom, at least on Kellach’s side, a little quicker than seemed reasonable for a man who–you know–has all the tribe’s women at his feet. But okay, she’s a foreigner. I can see that being a powerful attraction. And all in all, I really liked them together.

As for the villianess, High Priestess Voadicia, she’s despicable, nasty woman who wants to be more than high priestess,  and what she does to Fiona and Kellach–well, I was biting my nails at the end—I think there was even a little Oh no! moment there too.

So, all in all, Fiona was a good/enjoyable story. The geek in me would’ve liked a little more information on how and why she gets dumped into the midst of this tribe—how she gets there (or as she sees it at the time) and back. The author does explain Fiona’s trip, but it’s all conjecture after the fact, and the character never really knows the why of it. The other thing the geek in me would’ve liked is some references for further reading on the era of which Ms. Parker wrote, but…

All in all, if you like time travel stories and want something a wee bit different than (you know) the typical time travel romance, I recommend this one. If you’d like to check it out it’s available for the Nook at barnes and and for Kindle and paperback at

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