New Year, new goals

So…what are you all up to this year? Aside from the Goals I posted on my other blog, I do have a couple reading related things I’d like to accomplish this year. ready?

I want to…

Finish Jezebel’s Wish by AJ Nuest (so good, AJ! :)) and Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell (almost done!).

Though I flopped on the Gothic Reading Challenge (only for lack of time, I assure you), I’d like to try to read a few more titles under that category.

I’d like to read the Game of Thrones series–or at least the first book, and of course *squee* Melanie Rawn‘s The Diviner is top of the list too. (I like to hope that, now that this one’s out, *ducks* the Exiles series end isn’t far away–or at least that Kate Elliott, and Jennifer Roberson’s contributions to the Golden Key saga aren’t far off. *fingers crossed* Although, in other news, I see Ms. Rawn has a new series beginning. Touchstone, book one is called, is due out in February. (*pokes hubby* Guess what I want for my birthday! ;))

If I can I’d like to try to squeeze in some Asimov. I’ve been eying the Foundation series for awhile.

I also hope I can get back to my self-imposed challenge of reading a few more Virginia Woolf titles (a goal started a few years ago and interrupted by the You Know What thing I don’t want to talk about anymore :p).

I’ve also got quite a few new Kindle pieces I hope to get to. Yes, I’m finally getting used to the stupid thing. 🙁

All these will be reviewed here, when I can, if I can. but of course, my writing has to come first.

So what are your reading hopes for this year?