Loretta C. Rogers’ blushing brides

cover art by Angela Anderson

Bannon’s Brides
Loretta C. Rogers
Published by Cactus Rose/The Wild Rose Press
(My review copy came from the author. Thanks, Loretta! :))

In Loretta C. Rogers’ latest historical romance, Bannon’s Brides, Fiona is bereft over the loss of both her brother and father, and living alone, faces Blackie Sledge’s relentless attempts to make her the latest addition to his brothels—and his bed. Fiona can’t stand the thought, and so makes a desperate choice to become a mail order bride. Surely traveling cross-country to marry a hardworking logger will be better than becoming Blackie’s latest tarnished gem.

Cordell Bannon doesn’t much care about the background or troubles of the women he’s to escort to the Oregon territory, so long as they all arrive safe and sound and can each fulfill their contracts. There are many dangers along the way—Indians, sickness, weather, snakes—and it’s quite possible many of the eager, prospective brides won’t survive to see Oregon’s borders.

What Bannon doesn’t count on is the fiery Fiona, nor how quickly becomes the group’s leader. Nor does he foresee how she easily she will wrap his heart around her little finger. However, since Fiona’s an alternate bride, she’s bound to take the place of one of the main brides—automatically betrothed to a logger—if the first choice dies.

And there are a lot of hazards to worry about, while crossing the wild country—disease, snakes, Indians, storms. Did I mention the buffalo stampede?

Just about everything gets thrown at this poor wagon train of brides.

If the main brides survive, however Fiona is free to marry who she wants, and she wants Bannon!

So! Will Fiona escape Blackie Sledge or will he come claim what he sees as his property? Will the brides survive this wild adventure (and wild, it is)? Heck, will Cordell and Isaiah survive to get the women cross country, come to that?

Author Loretta C. Rogers has built quite a wild adventure, here, and sprinkled her vivid picture of the Old West with a very large cast of interesting characters. Historical fiction readers, and fans of Western Romances alike, should not be disappointed.

My rating? Well, my readers, you know I’m picky as far as historicals go, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one so:

 I look forward to reading more of her work someday. 🙂

If you want to find out what happens to Fiona, the brides, and their stalwart escorts, you’ll have to get Bannon’s Brides for yourself. It’s available at The Wild Rose Press in ebook here, and paperback here, or at Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle, and for the Sony E-reader at the Sony store here.

If you’d like to learn more about Loretta C. Rogers and her works see her website at http://www.lorettacrogersbooks.com/



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