My stranger than fiction weekend. :)

I just thought I’d share my freaky Saturday.

So… here’s the story, trust me, if this was a book, you’d say it was a strange plot (or at least implausible!). Hubby’s car has been on its last legs for quite a while, but we’ve been holding off going to look for one, due to all the unexpected bills due to my little injury? We decided we’d start looking , this past weekend, and he mucked around online for a while until he found one that looked good to him on some used car website. He called the lot in question and lo and behold they still had it. So we asked the guy to hold it for us and we’d be down in a little while to check it out.

This is where it starts to get very weird. In preparation for trading it in, he removed everything from the car. Word to the wise, even if you’re taking the car to sell it, never remove your tools, or your jack!

Yes, we did. Driving down to the place, in truth, not very far from home, we heard this, KATHUMP! and looking out the back, hubby thought he saw what looked like handlebars, flipping down the road behind us. Meanwhile, the tire pops and he had to right the car and try not to get us into an accident. Thankfully the traffic that was around us, saw this and got out of the way. Pulled across six lanes before we could get out of the road, into a side street and (much cursing ensuing) we called  AAA. No jack, no tools, we couldn’t do anything else.

This is about where it started pouring down rain on us.( *sings*  I’m just a little black rain cloud…)

*Hand on Bible* I am not making this up.  Hubby gets on the phone and calls the guy who’s waiting for us and asks him to wait. An hour and fifteen minutes later, the tow truck shows up, with tools, and we change the tire and get back on our way–very cautiously.  We finally arrive at said-car lot and …the car we’re going to buy isn’t quite finished.  (No, this is not a criticism, it’s the truth). The guy said they’re going to get the scuffs out of the bumper for us, and it should be done by Monday. Okay, hubby says, and goes ahead and signs the papers, sells the car and they give us a rental. (A pretty, snazzy, Prius–the darned thing felt like a toy car, and just…as environmentally friendly as it is, it felt like just sneezing at it would break it. We didn’t care for it at all.) Anyway, we had other problems during the paperwork I can’t get into, but suffice it to say, we were dehydrated and about ready to go chasing down Fate to bash her pretty head in by the time we got done. Even the poor salesmen (yes, plural) all felt sorry for us. (And I must say they were all very helpful and very genuine fellas) All in all, it took four days to buy this darned car. We brought it home, last night. Needless to say we were very nervous on the drive home!

*Hand on Bible again* Really, this really happened. I kept telling my husband, “You know, if this was a plot for one of my books, it’d get rejected for being “unrealistic”. But I swear, it’s all true!

Tell me you don’t see a plot in this???? Go ahead, laugh. We sure are (now!)

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