A treasure of a lord and lady

cover art: Harlequin Enterprises, LTD

In the Laird’s Bed
by Joanne Rock
Publisher: Harlequin
my reading copy provided by author Joanne Rock

In Harlequin Romance Author Joanne Rock’s latest Medieval title, In the Laird’s Bed, the author continues the story of Cristiana Domhnaill and Duncan the Brave. Five years ago, they were engaged, and split when Duncan’s brother Malcolm raped Cristiana’s sister, leaving her pregnant. Now, Duncan’s come back in search, not necessarily of a wife, but of gold. Cristiana suspects something’s amiss but due to the wicked storm in which he arrives, Christian charity won’t allow her to leave he and his men to suffer. So she opens the castle gates.

Good news for him, as it gives him a chance to find the legendary Viking treasure, bad news for Cristiana who has been hiding her sister’s five-year-old daughter within the Domhnaill walls. If he finds the girl, Cristiana is sure he’ll claim her in his brother’s name. Or at the very least he might try to claim the Domhnaill lands when he finds out her father has taken ill. She can’t have that.

But maybe Duncan’s not a complete dishonorable wretch, as it seems Duncan is falling for her again, and the feeling is mutual. She’s further put at ease by the fact that the two brothers aren’t on the best of terms. But what if Malcolm comes calling to claim what’s his? And will Edwina take her child back? If these things happen, and with a missing, fabled gold yet to find, who will Duncan side with: Cristiana, or Leah’s parents? Or will he eschew it all in the quest to win back Cristiana’s heart?

You’ll have to read to find out. I have to admit, I have never failed to enjoy Joanne Rock’s stories, and this one, In the Laird’ Bed, has been no different. Ms. Rock’s characters are well drawn and the toddler Leah, was a charming little lass, her Medieval Scottish world is vivid, and the love scenes, of course, very hot, as is Joanne Rock’s trademark. Ms. Rock provided me with my reading copy (and thanks go out to her) but if you’d like a copy, you can either find it online at Harlequin’s website, or at barnesandnoble.com, or Amazon.

For me, yes, this was another one I loved so… my grade for it?

So if you love Medieval romances, do check it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the adventure!

If you’d like to learn more about the talented Ms. Joanne Rock, see her website here.




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