Virginia Henley returns with an enchanting Irish Duke.

cover art by Gregg Gulbronson

The Irish Duke
by Virginia Henley
publisher: Signet

My review copy was given to me by Ms. Henley, herself–Thank you, Virginia! 🙂

NYTimes Best Selling historical Romance author Virginia Henley’s latest release, The Irish Duke, is a sprawling historical romance concerning a very stubborn English lady and a determined Irishman who wants her for his bride. Lady Louisa and James Hamilton, Duke of Abercorn, meet, so the story goes, when they are children, and good thing, as it seems to take their whole lives for James to convince Louisa of his suit. The stubborn Louisa’s problem, though, isn’t really with the dashing James, but more with her irrational fear of the pain of childbirth. So that her sister Georgina is a floosie, drives poor Louisa up the wall. When Georgina, not surprisingly, turns up pregnant, and Louisa tries to help her now-suicidal sister, the family confuses what’s really happened, and accuse Louisa of the inexcusable travesty of pregnancy. More shockingly, they think James is the father.

Knowing he’s not, thinking Louisa’s been used, he agrees to marry her, and moves her from England, to Ireland. So James roundaboutly gets what he’s been pining after all his life. However, the infuriatingly obstinate Louisa still refuses to give him her true love, and though they’re married, James’ work is far from done.

When he finds out the secret behind their quick engagement it only serves to convince him he just might be able to seduce his skittish wife. Can he? Well, you’ll have to read this one to find out.

In The Irish Duke, New York Times best selling author Virginia Henley presents a sweet story of the what-ifs behind the marriage of an historical couple, how they might have come together, built on a historiography that stretches from the just prior to the reign to Queen Victoria and into the 20th century. I enjoyed this one, but I swear she was so infuriating sometimes, I wanted to strangle her myself, so poor James, he must have been a saint to marry her, if this story has any truth to it! Hehe. All in all, it was a good read. Ms. Henley will be continuing the lives of this family in future books, so if Historical romance is your thing, you can’t go wrong here. You can find this at any Barnes and Noble or Borders, or online, at,, or

My rating for this one?  Well,this one’s a little complicated. I loved Ms. Henley’s style, loved James, the setting and period were tantilizing and beautifully drawn….But I wanted to strangle Louisa and Georgina too. Maybe she meant me to feel that way, but still, I have to give it only a four and 3/4. If I’d loved Louisa, that would be five for sure, but…dang, Louisa, get a clue, woman! *laughs* (at least she did irl, right? 😉 So, there you go. Enjoy!


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