So how was your morning?

Me? I woke up this morning, and couldn’t move. My stupid back locked up. First time ever, and let me tell you, boy was that freaky! 🙁 Been a day of sitting over on the couch reading, with the heat pad on. I have motion back at least but needles? Hundreds of them? In my back….

So what did I spend all day reading? A little bit of Virginia Henley’s The Irish Duke, but mostly, Terry Odell’s Nowhere to Hide. I’m almost finished with it and short version, …yeah, Romantic Suspense fans, I think y’all will like it. 🙂 Should have a review up for you sometime soon.

On The Irish Duke…This is a first of the very sweet Ms. Henley’s for me, but I can safely say I think historical fans should like this one.

Speaking of reviews, can someone find a missing review for me? One that might be somewhere in the ether between my computer and wherever stuff goes when you accidentally delete stuff? *sigh* I had this whole certain science fiction author’s short story anthology review written up. Lost the entire thing (For those who were waiting for it, I am so sorry). I don’t think I can reproduce it verbatim, either. It was…meh. There were some fun stories, but for the most part, it wasn’t that that great any way, or not to me, sad to say. *sigh again* I think part of the problem is *sshhhh* don’t tell anyone!) I’m liking more Romance these days than anything. World building’s always a plus, but yeah, gotta have those love scenes to keep my interest. Ye gods. Don’t give my secret away!

Anyway, back to the heating pad I go… And I think a Star Wars/Stargate marathon is in order. Don’t you? 😉

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