Meg Cabot’s Insatiable introduces a quirky vampire love story

by Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
cover art: Harper Collins/Ricky Mujica/Mumtaz Mustafa

My review copy was graciously provided by the fine folks at Harper Collins.

Longtime readers know I get all giddy and fangirly about Meg Cabot, so this review should be no surprise. Her latest release, Insatiable, will be a little bit of a surprise to her regular readers. Herein she has decided to take her quirky heroines in an altogether new direction, with the introduction of Ms. Meena Harper, who spends her dreary days as a script writer for a popular soap opera, Insatiable, pining away for the love she writes about, and lusting after a particular red Marc Jacobs tote bag, with a diamond encrusted dragon emblazoned on its surface, and sharing an apartment with her brother, and her steadfast little canine companion, Jack Bauer.

Aside from her own ability to predict the manner of someone’s death, she doesn’t believe in the supernatural, and barely registers the news that girls have been turning up dead in Manhattan parks, with bite marks on their necks, other than to wonder if she predicted any of those deaths—because she can.

Then her bosses at the network decide they want to add something to Insatiable’s story line to spice up the ratings: vampires.

Meena can’t stand the idea.

But all these niggling worries pale when she meets a real live prince, one Lucien Antonescu, who deftly saves from her an attack of (wait for it) bats. Though he would feel better, for her own safety, if Meena remained ignorant of his existence, the two keep getting thrown together, and the inevitable ensues: Meena is soon in love with Lucien and vice versa.

But how will she take it when she learns the truth, that he’s not just a professor of Romanian history, in Manhattan to attend a friend’s lecture? That yes indeed, he is a real live prince, all right. . .

(wait for it)

That he is, in fact, the prince of vampires? In the middle of a vampire war, of which those bats were just one volley?

And how will Lucien keep Meena from ending up the next woman to turn up dead in the park? Killed by his vampire enemies?

And oh, good lord, how will they both, ever keep from (God forbid) *gulp* falling in love?

Well, I’m not telling. 😉 You’ll have to read it for yourself.

If you have at all been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a big Meg Cabot fan, I always look forward to a new Meg title. While it’s different than anything one might expect from Ms. Cabot, while it could seem she’s jumped on the Vampire bandwagon (and I admit, I wondered why she would), it is different than most those popular right now, in that her contribution harkens, if you will, back to the original vampire love story: Dracula. No these bad boys don’t sparkle. Not a bit! But Meg Cabot’s prose does, as ever.

Also, Ms. Cabot has added just enough history of Vlad the Impaler, to flesh out her vampire tale, and of course the quintessential Meg Cabot flavor is here. All serve to make this another entertaining read—even her vampire hunters are clever, witty, and, well, damn it, I’ve said it before of her, and I say it again, all her characters have some quality that make them downright endearing. but … I warn you, this is no Twilight. Lucien has a dark side to him, and could give Edward a run for his money, I think–but girls, I dare you not to fall for Lucien. I did, and I hope there will be another volume in this story, but if not. I’m happy all the same with Meg’s latest offering. If you are looking for a different spin on the vampire genre, do give Insatiable a look. 🙂

My rating for this one? Well, since this one goes on my keeper shelf, without doubt: 

You’re not surprised, are you? 😉

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