Paula Quinn introduces some Ravishing Highlanders

Ravished by a Highlander
cover art: Franco Accornero
review copy provided for my review by the fine folks at Grand Central Publishing

In Ravished by a Highlander, the first book in the new Children of the Mist series by Paula Quinn, the author introduces the reader to the MacGregor clan, by way of the dutiful Rob. He and his companions are on the way home from a raid when they run across a set of thugs attacking an abbey. Stopping to assist a severely wounded soldier, he learns these men are truly after only one novice nun: a young woman by the name of Davina Montgomery. Rob saves the helpless young maid, and decides to accompany her to safety.

But the girl only serves to puzzle him. Why would Protestant troops attack an abbey? Why would that dying soldier imply Davina was so incredibly important? Why won’t Davina tell her whole story, explain why she seems to know so much about English politics, and particularly, King James?

Davina’s got big issues, and even bigger secrets. The fact that she’s falling in love with Rob as they traipse across the landscape—erm, travel back to Rob’s mountain home, only serves to complicate matters. I won’t give away her secrets; you’ll have to read the novel to find out what she’s all about.

I have to be honest, you know by now I have issues with “historical” laced novels (sometimes lots of  bite my tongue, yell at the author for their mistakes, issues), and this one was no exception–except that it didn’t bother me all that much.Yes, I know you’ll be shocked to hear that.  But I really, really enjoyed Paula Quinn’s Ravished by a Highlander very much. The relationship between Davina and Rob, the plethora of loveable secondary characters, and What Might Happen to Davina and Rob, were very compelling. Some bits even made me laugh (when Colin and Finn’s names appeared for the first time, I had to wonder, did Ms. Quinn ever watch the WB/CW TV show Gilmore Girls?).

All in all a fine read, and I look forward very much, to the forthcoming sequel, Seduced by A Highlander, about Rob’s brother Tristan. (Although, I really hope Ms. Quinn is considering novels starring Colin and Will!) If you love historical romance, I think you will enjoy Paula Quinn’s Ravished by a Highlander. So my grade for this one? mm….

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