Finally, my Radiant Shadows review

Radiant Shadows
by Melissa Marr
Publisher: Harper Collins
Cover art:Mark Tucker/Alison Klapthor
my review copy provided by Ms. Marr’s publicist.

In Melissa Marr’s latest novel Radiant Shadows, that being the latest title in her wildly popular YA series, it’s the next round in her world of Faerie, and the war between the dark and light courts is heating up. This time, however, the battle centers around a mistake made by Devlin, the most trusted member of Sorcha’s (AKA the High Queen, AKA his mother-sister) court. Quite a while ago, Devlin was charged with the duty of ending the life of a half-fae child Sorcha thought might be trouble down the line. Well, unfortunately, Devlin decided against following her orders, and the result? Now the girl, Ani, has grown up, and is a member of the Dark Court, the Wild Hunt, and probably as wild a half-Fae as they come.

But that is far from the thing that makes Ani unique. No, turns out all faeries feed off human energy, but Ani, can—indeed must—feed off humans, as well as faeries of both courts, in a sort of psychic vampiric way. The dark court, on the other hand, would like to find a way to harness Ani’s power for themselves. Which is, of course, exactly why Sorcha (who’s ailing in her own way, over Seth’s return to the human world) is afraid of her, and she would still be very happy to see the girl die, before Bananach (AKA War) gets a hold of her, and uses her to bring down the whole of Faery, and probably part of the human world as well.

And now, Sorcha’s decided to eschew her duties to Faery in order to sit in meditation forever, so she can keep an eye on Seth. With that to worry about, and Bananach and her supporters after Ani, Faery will be lucky to survive, and Devlin along with it.

So there is a whole mess going on, and really, ya gotta wonder, are they really going to get out of this one in one piece? I sure did.

To find out if they do, you can find Melissa Marr’s Radiant Shadows at Barnes and Noble, Borders, or at Amazon. What do I give this one? Well, I gotta say, Ani annoyed me a bit, but I loved Devlin, Rae, and of course Seth and Bananach. 😉 evil though she is. All in all, I enjoyed it and look forward to whatever’s next for them. So, I can easily give it a 4 ½

(Truthfully, this grade woulda been higher if, you know, Ani wasn’t so annoying. Sorry…)

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