small updates

Hey, my friends–and welcome, to my newest followers; I hope you like what you see here.


I do apologize for my lack of updates this week. I’ve been visiting family, which sort of interferes with my usual blogging time. Now, I’m home (and exhausted) and hope to get back in the swing of things for next week.


I did do some reading this last few days though….progressed further in–well, basically everything you see over there in the sidebar. I’ll probably finish at least one of them up in the next week.  Also, on the exciting news front, you’ll be pleased to hear, I have some authors visits in the works. 🙂 The schedule’s still a little up in the air, can’t say exactly when, but look for those before the end of the Summer. I’ll post who, and when, here, a.s.a.p. And now, as my brain’s gone to mush, I’ll bid you a temporary adieu. See you next week (or Sunday, or whenever…) Have a good weekend!