And finally

So, I’ve decided I should probably start actually blogging here, more often than not. What do you think? I’m looking into how to promote this little thing a bit more too–who knows how that will end up going. But it’s an idea, at any rate.


So how was your Valentine’s Day? Did your sweetie have something nice planned for your day?


Around my house we don’t tend to do a lot for the holiday. Oh, my hubby knows how to spoil me, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not so much the flowers and candy girl. 🙂 Give me stuffed animals, and I am happy! This year was no exception. So the stuffed animal collection is bigger by one, and we can write this down as another good Valentine’s day. Actually, as an extra added tradition, the 14th was my favorite grandma’s birthday, so I tend to think of her on the day as well as stuffed animals and snuggling day. 🙂


In other news, though I felt a little under the weather, I had a good time, and learned a lot, at the romance writers meeting this week. Thanks to Vicki and the girls for setting up our guest speaker. It was well worth it. And thanks to all my pals for the thumbs up and congratulations they sent my way on the recent acceptance of one of my stories. That just tickled me. Y’all are the best!

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  1. My Valentine’s Day was good. It was my nephews birthday,he turned 2,and not only did I get cake but I got lots of chocolate as well. My Valentine’s were 8 commentors on my blog,my nephew and my parents. 🙂 One of the best Valentine’s ever.

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