Tired return

I had no time to do anything the last few days, but I did get some reading done, at least. You’d not believe how many I’m reading at once. LOL I’ve never been too fast a reader, but I’m speed reading now, boy, let me tell ya!


As for the writing thing…well, same there: I’ve been so tired today, after our Universal trip yesterday, that I’ve not really done any. Have been thinking about it, though. Trying to figure out how to work the major climax, now that the original ending doesn’t seem to fit anymore.


Someone once called me the queen of resurrecting characters, so 😉 I’ll figure it out.


And I got one more article out for the week, for whatever’s it’s worth. I hope to have finished up at least one of these books for next week, and after that, we’ll see what happens.


In fangirl news, I’m still kicking myself for forgetting Stargate’s been on around here again. *grr* I hope I don’t forget again between now and Sunday night!