My first post

So, yesterday, I went to my first TARA meeting, and it was interesting. 🙂 I had fun.I though we were gonna die/be late to the meeting this morning. First I got up late, (dope me) and it rained all freakin’ morning. I *hate* driving in the rain! And we caught every freakin’ light on the way out, almost none on the way home.

But we arrived, and hubby went over to the Barnes and Noble and I settled in. All in all, it was fun, but lasted way longer than I expected! We didn’t finish up until 3pm! There was a workshop in the morning that was…well, interesting….

 But! I ended up with two killer sentences–one I got to read, out loud, one I didn’t. I like the second one better, natch. Got to sit next to a lovely few girls (*waves to Hawk*) and enjoyed their company. At the newbie/guest introductions, (*waves to Elissa*) Elissa Wilds shouted down the table at me to stand up and introduce myself, so I did, and told them about my story win. She  waved her finger at me and said, “Good thing you mentioned that, or I was going to make you!” *blush*

Got to chat with E in the lunch line, and sit with her at lunch and that was nice. I further introduced myself to a few other folks, some pubbed, some not at all yet; but I never did get to say even hello to a few folks I wanted to. All in all, t’was really fun (on what had been a horrific week), and I look forward to going back.