author banner tutorial

Do you need a graphic? A banner? Think you have to pay for one? Au contraire! I’m going to show you a little secret. Got photoshop?or PSP? Good. (I used PSP X for this tut) Step one: Open your graphics program. Now open  a canvas of 468×60. Step two: Click on that empty layer.  Click… More author banner tutorial


I’ve not gone missing…I’m thawing…or freezing depending on the day. ;) And Christmas, well, had to go see the family…it’s a bit of a downer since we’ve lost some members recently but we do love to get together. While trying not to think too much on the downer stuff,  I’ve been enjoying the Venture Brothers.… More Holidays

Flowers in winter

Being Friday I promised y’all something pretty. Yes, I know we are now into December, but where I’m at, the flowers are still out. I procured some lovely ones this week, so I thought I’d share them with you. Okay, maybe just one. The red is the prettiest, anyway, don’t you think? Yes, this is… More Flowers in winter