Mary Morgan–Dragon Knight’s Shield blog tour & #giveaway

I’m pleased to have best selling author Mary Morgan here today. She’s just released her latest paranormal romance novel, Dragon Knight’s Shield, and though she takes her characters to Scotland, they are devoted to our favorites here: dragons and our beloved Tuatha dé Danann. :) I think my readers here will enjoy her work. Read… More Mary Morgan–Dragon Knight’s Shield blog tour & #giveaway

Yuletide returns and plans

Checking into say merry Yule, happy solstice, Merry Christmas to all my friends. I’ve been here, having a little Christmas sale. Yep. A select few of my paperbacks discounted at Amazon and Createspace. My witch-friendly paranormal fantasy The Artist’s Inheritance, Celtic fantasy romance, Passion’s Sacred Dance, the Christmas themed paranormal mystery Murder Upon a Midnight… More Yuletide returns and plans

Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. I hope you all have (or had) a lovely one. While we’re all eating and out shopping for Black Friday,I tried to find some Thanksgiving creature to tempt you with, but…well, this month doesn’t really lend itself to mythology very much. (There’s no Great Turkey, Charlie Brown, or anything like that…)… More Black Friday

Vampires in Pop Culture–Movies #‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway

Vampires in pop culture Silver-Screen Vampires Hollywood has always been fascinated with vampires; from the early days of the industry with such classics as Nosferatu and Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the Undead Romanian Count right up to the present day and works such as Dracula 2000, Interview with the Vampire and the (tragically underrated) Queen… More Vampires in Pop Culture–Movies #‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway