A pretty winter photo and a test

I’ve been far too quiet here, lately. Sorry about that. I’m revising a new book and that’s taking most of my mind. With that plus Yule right around the bend I fear this poor little blog is getting neglected. I’m testing this blog, too. Trying to get it linked up to my Google+ account. I’m having some technical difficulties there so do bear with me. For now, though, I thought I’d share a little picture with y’all. I went up to North Carolina last month and got a little unexpected surprise when it snowed.



Yes, it was cold, no I hadn’t driven in it in years (and gotta admit, zinging around those mountains in it was a bit scary) but it was pretty. Winter is upon us, I guess… ;)

To unsubscribe from comments

To the guy (or gal) who left a comment saying they’re getting mail from one of my post’s comments, I found out I can’t unsubscribe you. I’m sorry. But! There is a solution. WordPress says there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails. (see below) I’ve never used it myself, but I suppose you go to that link and it’ll take you to a page that’ll allow you to unsubscribe.  I’ve turned the feature off now so it doesn’t accidentally happen to someone else….Good luck!


Wordpress unsubscribe page



Snow is no longer falling on my blog–thank god! How many times do I have to say this….it doesn’t snow everywhere in the world at Christmas! Thank you, WordPress, for turning on the animated crap I loathe. :p Idjits. Merry Christmas, bah humbug  to animated snow!!

;) Dude, I love Christmas as much as the next girl (hence the itch to write a Christmas story  once a year), but how many times do I have to say this…It gets really Christmas-like here, only in January. Sheesh.

"Berry Snow Heart" by Tina Phillips

“Berry Snow Heart” by Tina Phillips/Freedigitalphotos.net

Friday reviews

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven’t been blogging much this week. I had a lot on my plate. But thank you for sticking around and thank you Linda Joyce for being my guest this week!

Yes, I, for better or worse, jumped in after my dear friend author Jolene Dawe and signed up for NanoWrimo. AUGGGGHH! So I’ve been working on a follow up to a follow up novel.

But while out and about this week I stumbled on some goodies to share. Reviews for Passion’s Sacred Dance. *faints* Yes, I have reviews!

“Juli D. Revezzo is a very talented lady! I felt like I was the character in her book! Great action, great story line! Will definitely be looking for her next book! :-)” Alice Dent, at Amazon.

“This book has handsome warriors, battle of good vs. evil and a love story all rolled into one great book! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Who doesn’t love a good love story?” ~Melanie A. Ramey, at Amazon.

“Fast paced and something that is not done everyday. I enjoyed the story and characters very much. Well worth the effort.” ~Mando Tim, at Amazon.

Shucks! Thank you all!

Also, mark your calendars, November 24th, I’ll be at The Romance Reviews‘ Year End Splash.

Meanwhile…Happy release day (two days late) to My friend Mac, on her book The Billionaire’s Con!

(Also her latest contemporary romance novel That Dating Thing is free this week at Amazon for Kindle. Do go check that out.)

And …that’s all I’ve got for this day.

Indie block party–social media tips


Indie block party–social media tips

"Social Media Signpost" by Stuart Miles

Social media, you say? It is the bane of the introvert writer’s existence, isn’t it? LOL Yet, that’s the main pastime in this day and age, worrying about who’s saying what on Twitter and Facebook, or blogs. Book marketing has changed and so social media seems to be the way to get the word out about one’s books. So do I have any tips for the writer concerning this new plaything? Erm, well? A little, but not really?

So let’s see, tips. I’m not a know-it-all by any means (I have no clue at all about Linkedin!) but I know a little.
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Change isn’t always good.

I opened my inbox this week and found Google was at it again. They’ve added lovely tabs. What’s this mean? All the stuff that used to be in my inbox, nice and lined up where I could run down each email quickly…. is now segregated by some odd Google decision-making. Yoohoo! Bloggers, where are you? Under Promotions. Friends who are hosting me on there blogs, where are you? Under Promotions. Friends who blurt junk out to Google+ (which in my opinion is utterly useless) you’re under Social. In short, the stuff I want to see, is now considered junk. And the junk? Right in my good ole top level inbox. *sigh* What else does this mean? Well, according to this article by the mailing list provider to the world, Mailchimp, it means:

I learned from my research that the new Gmail inbox is bringing down open rates, but the change isn’t dramatic at this point. Time will tell if the trend lasts. 

Wonderful. So, I guess we’ll be missing even more of the important information we want. Thanks, a lot, Google. Change good? As we’ve seen with the frustration over Triberr‘s sheenanigans, (another rant in itself, despite having my own tribe there)  no. Not always. Anyway, stay tuned, folks. I have a big announcement coming here soon! :)