#‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway now over

ghostFlareFor those of you looking for the giveaway, it is now over and my winner has been chosen.

*drum roll*

Michelle has won a copy of my zombie novelette Bicycle Requiem. YAAAA!!!  I do hope you enjoy my little story.

I can’t believe we’re facing Halloween again so soon. Where did the year go? Well, I’ve been told once you hit eighteen time flies by. I must say that happened to me a long, long time ago. Some plans for the season got a little sidetracked when I got very sick this week.But I will have a few more guests this month, though nothing like former years. Too busy this time out. I’m also pretty much resolved not to do NanoWrimo this time out. Yes, I’ve got a new WiP sitting there, but it’s so close to being finished, and going to editors, there’s no point. A girl’s got to have a break sometime! Anyway, thank you again, and early happy Halloween!

I Am Legend review–#‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway #zombieapocalypse

I_am_legend_teaserSo every time I think of Halloween this subject comes up. What books and movies can I talk about? Well, I realize I haven’t done a review in a while. So, I pulled out my favorite of the last few years: I Am Legend. Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard a lot of people grumble about this movie, but I loved it. So! I thought why not. I’ll probably review Vincent Price’s 1964 movie version, The Last Man on Earth, later, so stay tuned.
The premise of Will Smith’s version of I Am Legend, the movie is  pretty much the same. Sort of. Continue reading

October Frights blog hop–#‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway

Wait, what?? Is it October already?? You know what that means! Halloween and with it, Samhain! *pause to happy dance* :) I’m a early on decorating, this year, but bear with me. I am participating in paranormal author Clarissa Johal‘s October Frights Blog hop.

2015 October Frights Blog Hop, #‎Octoberfrights‬

I will however give you a peek into my newest release: a zombie pre-apocalypse (if you will) novelette, Bicycle Requiem and have a tiny giveaway.  So do read on… A little set up. the main character, Teddy, hit a girl (Mara) who was out early one morning, riding her bike. Teddy, most unadvisedly, didn’t stop to help and the little girl died….or did she? Continue reading

Dancing with Raven–What happens with Demons by S.G. Rogers

I love the Halloween season, don’t you? It’s the one time of the year when we can get a bang out of scaring ourselves silly. ;) Okay, paranormal fans get that giddy feeling every day of the year when they go ghost hunting or pick up a favorite book on the subject, but still, to the rest of the world, it’s the one time of the year. So, once again, I’ve gathered up some pals to celebrate this fun time of the year. Today, we start off with author S. G. Rogers whose baddies in her new book Dancing With Raven, fit very well into this spooky time of year. So let’s offer up the candy and welcome, S.G. Rogers! (although, maybe not because now, I have an earworm stuck in my head. Let me see if where that dungeon key is…. ;) No? Oh very well. My assistants are telling me I shouldn’t open the dungeon. Who knows, they say, what might crawl out. *shudder* So we’ll just go put on some Metallica and let that be the theme for dear S.G. Rogers’ little talk about…


What Happens With Demons


Halloween! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…  Okay, perhaps that’s a Christmas tune, but the point still stands. Continue reading

A glimpse at the muse….

This is my sweet little brother on the cancer floor. Note the video game controller in his hands. That was one of his other big loves besides Halloween and scary movies. You maybe can’t see it under his hands, but he’s wearing an “Army of Darkness” t-shirt.brother

I “inherited” it from him.


Like I said, l’il bro’s the reason I’m donating to the royalties from the sales of my Antique Magic series (through January 8th) to the  Fibro Foundation. In fact, that pic (the top one, not the one of my funny-looking self in the same shirt) is of him getting chemo for his #Fibrolamellar cancer–hence the IV in his chest. I think it rocks that the hospital let him take his video games).

Thanks to all who’ve already bought the Antique Magic books yesterday. I hope you enjoy them!benefitsalebanner