Thanksgiving greetings

Thanksgiving card courtesy of The Graphics Faery

Thanksgiving card courtesy of The Graphics Faery

While we here in the sunny (chilly) south are getting ready to sit down with our families for the annual Thanksgiving holiday, I just wanted to take a moment out here to say…Thank you to all my friends in the world, my local friends, my cyber friends around the world, my beta readers, editors, and proofreaders, and those who keep my muses on track, my talented friends who help out with great cover art and advice, and everyone who help me get my words out to the world and especially to you–my reader-friends–for all you do! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Indie Book of the Day

I was awarded Indie Book of The Day award for Changeling’s Crown for September 1st, 2014.

IBD winner :) Pretty nifty, huh?

Changeling's Crown; Juli D. Revezzo; fairy godmother; paranormal romance

Cover art by Boulevard Photografica

If you’d like to read it, Changeling’s Crown is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Createspace.


 What a nice surprise on Labor Day. I had to share.:)


I hope you all have a good one!

Seeking a bay fort

West Metro Mommy Reads

I’ve been in Pensacola, the last week, running around like a madwoman, erm, that is, scouting future installments in my Antique Magic series of paranormal fantasy novels. Where was I scouting, you ask?

Fort Pickens Road sign

Yep. I finally got to Fort Pickens–and it was fantastic! So, for this Saturday Snapshot, I’ve got some site-seeing photos to share.


Santa Rosa gnarled Tree by Juli D. Revezzo

Once you get on the island, there are just miles of these gorgeous sand dunes, and signs everywhere that warn drivers to watch out for nesting seabirds (unfortunately, we didn’t see any though. I guess it was too hot for them). Then the Gulf Islands National Seashore sign, but we’re still seeking out the fort.

Fort Pickens Gulf Islands National Seashore sign

Then finally, we come around a corner and see… (eep!) This:

Battery Langdon

Battery Langdon

Getting a little excited now! *rubs hands* We must be close. Yes. Once inside we see…

Guarding the bay

Guarding the bay

Was that all? Oh, no. But, patience, my friends. I’ll show you more next week! Have a great weekend.

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The fireworks are right here

Several weeks ago, everyone celebrated July 4th. So, how was your holiday? Mine was great! (–> understatement)

I didn’t get a chance to mention anything here on the blog like I usually do around holidays. Why? Because I was in the mountains with no access whatsoever to email or wordpress—that didn’t require a trip down the mountain.  This was quite weird to me, and a bit exciting, because I *ducks* am not much  of a traveler—in fact, I have to say I think I’d rather have my nails pulled out than fly, most of the time—and so haven’t been out of state for ages.  I’m just a homebody, what can I say? The furthest I’ve gone in years is Orlando.

But because I have an ageing grandma in North Carolina, I wanted to go. I spent time with family members I haven’t seen in a long time, *waves to cousins I missed*. Yes, not one was within shouting distance. But aunt and uncle, it was really nice to see you. I enjoyed the stay–and the mountains were just amazing! I will not subject you, my readers, to all the bazillion pictures. But there are a bazillion pictures.

The holiday was a complete wash out, though. Well, no. I won’t say washout but no fireworks. Yes, it rained—and rained, and rained.

And rained. “You want fireworks?” says Mother Nature. “I’ve got some fireworks for you.”


Photo courtesy

BOOM! :)

So, we didn’t get to do half the things I wanted to, no Civil War battlefields or anything (though I did end up with a plan for a visit to Fort Pickens before too long here. Gotta get a glimpse of where Roland and Caitlin traipse around, for a forthcoming follow up to The Artist’s Inheritance after all. ;) But that’s in the future.)

Ah well.  Let’s see. Mountains. I’d been back and forth through the Smoky Mountains (Blue Ridge) a time or two as a child but was always bored as heck by the time we went through. This time, I don’t know, something about them just had me in awe. They reminded me of the Misty Mountains (and yes, the song did play in my head the whole time, why do you ask?).


misty mountains

mountains by Juli

misty hills rain

I want to say that’s not because of the rain but since it rained almost the entire time I was there, I don’t have the proof to show you. ;) You’ll just have to take my word for it, there’s mist in those mountains about 90% of the time.

Amazing–isn’t it amazing? My grandparents had a house up there years ago but I guess I was too young to appreciate it. Even with the dreary weather and rain (did I mention it rained? About five days out of the seven I was gone.) I think it made the view even better. In fact I have a book I’m working on for my editor at The Wild Rose Press that I’m sure the view will work into. So that was my vacation and my Saturday Snapshot.

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Summer solstice news

I hope you all are having a lovely day. So far, so good here. It’s *hot*! Well, heck, it’s been hot since March, hasn’t it? That’s what we get down here in ye ole Florida. That and mosquito bites. Yep. I spent yesterday outside helping hubs fix the car and getting bit up. Grrr….

But, on the good side, there’s the summer Solstice dinner hop below, I had a dinner with some good friends, and my first steampunk apocalyptic story has been published in the latest issue of Eternal Haunted Summer (along with my good friend author Jolene Dawe :)) Do check them out.
I hope you enjoy the stories.

Image And, oh yes. Heart concert? :) Was totally made of AWESOME! I was way back in the end of the venue, but they played four (count ’em four) of my all-time favorite songs, stuff they’ve added back to the setlist recently,  and two I wasn’t expecting at all. They were just to die for! *happy little fangirl dance* Oh yes, that was me singing my head off. Half the city must of heard…or not.

Ahem. Their final “special Zep” set wasn’t, in my opinion, mixed right (What happened????) but to hear them do “Kashmir”, “The Ocean”, and all the others was totally cool. The Jason Bonham band was neat too. Loved the stories Jason told of his dad and they pulled the songs off wonderfully.

T’was all around awesome. So glad I went. *sigh* I’ve seen Heart, now, we think, seven or eight times. However, I have a friend who’s seen Dylan on every tour, she says, and I’m looking at my hubby going, “What the heck’s wrong with us? How many Heart tours have we missed? ” *lol* Next year! >:) But this, this was so cool. Totally worth the heat and mosquitoes. On my solstice playlist…Kick it Out!

Yeah, I’m a geeky little fangirl, I know. :)