And now for some #free #reads…

For something a little different, today, I have a freebie for you. A little taste of something old(er) and a little darker, for your  Friday. My short story House of Cards is free today. To get it, go here.

For a little about the short story:

House of Cards, supernatural fantasy story by Juli D. RevezzoYou can’t escape Fate….

A young nobleman escapes the Reign of Terror in 18th century France to find himself dragged into an even worse fate–a hellish underworld wherein he is cajoled and put on trial by a demon tribunal for crimes he never committed. Can he answer thwart his fate, one worse than the guillotine?

Reviewers have called it: “a quick, fun, and creepy read. I recommend it!” and “a refreshing take on the typical fantasy hero.”~Lizzy’s Dark Fiction

Yes it was one of my first (published–and I say that because I’ve dabbled in it in unpublished works for years) historically set fantasy tales. It later blossomed into a series, and a full book. One that I am revising as we speak. The first round of edits will commence after that. So the follow-up should see release…sometime in the first quarter of next year (I hope. If all goes well). I don’t have a share-able synopsis yet, but will in the near future.  For now, the short story HOUSE OF CARDS is free on Amazon. But hurry, because the free day ends tomorrow night! I hope you enjoy it! :) Reviews and of course placement on your Good Reads To Be Read lists are welcome.

“Freaky Friday”: Old Ringgold Cemetery

One of the things I like about being a writer is my tendency to be bitten by the curiosity bug. The whole bit about the history I put in my books from time to time stems from that. This past week, I spent out of town visiting family but we took a little detour in our trip and visited Chattanooga, Tennessee. While there we met with  military historian Brigadier General (RT) John R. Scales, who wrote a book about Sherman’s Invasion of Georgia during the Civil War and with him toured the battlefields on Lookout Mountain (*cue Drive-by Truckers’ song here* ;)) and at Chickamauga. Reading about history is good for the brain, of course but actually seeing these places, especially this way, was really beyond neat. :) He took us all the way around the route the battle took and in the course of that to a little church that served as a hospital. Unfortunately, the church wasn’t open to visitors this day, but the cemetery next to it was open exploring. So I poked around because old cemeteries are always so atmospheric. The older the better, right? Unfortunately, when they are so old, the names are, oftentimes, rubbed off the tombstones. This one was no exception and I got some great shots.

But this being “Freaky Friday”, I had to show you this:

Old Ringgold Cemetery
See anything weird there? I don’t know what that is–(it looks like an old piece of plastic to me–or is it an odd smudge on the lens? Who knows?) but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I snapped the picture!

My stop in a paranormal hotel.

Another freaky Friday is upon us and this time, I have a personal story for you. So, if you’ve poked in here at all the last week you know I recently took a little vacation to North Florida. I was scouting historical locations and information, it’s true, but I also hoped for a little paranormal encounter. On the way home, because a friend who went with us was from there, we stopped by Cedar Key for breakfast. She took us to a pretty little restaurant all decked out in ’50s charm, I had a close encounter with a pelican (well, he was outside my window!)

cedar key pelican

Take my picture, lady!

Meanwhile, sightseeing continued, and my friend pointed out all the little places she loved. One of them was the Island Hotel, an historic hotel built in 1859.

The Island Hotel

A hotel she claimed was haunted. Well, my mom wasn’t having none of that, but after breakfast we begged her convinced her to stop in. Come through the door and around the corner and there’s a phone booth off to the corner. While the innkeeper was telling us how someone stole the phone, mom gasps. I peer into the box to see this fella:

island hotel dummy

We continued through and the innkeeper chatters on telling us about a Civil War soldier’s ghost the guests sometimes see upstairs. Okay, I’m hooked now. :)

Mom eventually found a framed article on the wall that occupied her.

My friend and I settled into the living room while she read. All of a sudden, we hear footsteps in the room with us. (Not from upstairs, mind you, in the room we sat in).

We look around, Mom’s standing still, the woman at the desk is standing still reading her computer. My friend and I look at each other. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Mom says.

My friend smiles in a  “Told ya” kind of way. So we left and Mom took a picture of us on the porch, just for good measure. This guy steps out on the balcony above. Mom pauses and says, “Um, are you real?”

*g* Poor Mom.

Unfortunately, he said yes! But was his the footsteps we heard in the parlor? To spare Mom’s sanity, I’ll say yes, ;) but I’d like to think not. I’d like to think the soldier was checking out the newcomers!


Who knows, maybe one day I’ll send my character Caitlin there on vacation and hunting ghosts!

So…how was your weekend?

So you want to be a paranormal investigator

For this week’s Freaky Friday, this may just be a rumor, but someone I was talking to this week said he’d heard “paranormal investigator” was now a “hot job”. Okay, I don’t know if *I’d* be brave enough to go out for it (unlike my characters Caitlin and Beryl, I am a Chicken–yes, that is a capital c). Still, these are some of the articles I went to help them along the way.  (aside from the workshop I sat in on with the May Stringer House…) I’m really not sure I’d recommend it, though. Just reading through several articles, it seems fun, but I’ve also heard (even from some paranormally inclined folks I’ve had peripheral contact with *waves to Renee*) that it seems you can get into some serious trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Seven Best Jobs for Paranormal Enthusiasts.

TAPS (THE Atlantic Paranormal Society) [of course]

Careers In Paranormal Research.

How to Become a Paranormal Investigator.


As for me, yeah. I’m a chicken. I think I’ll stick to reading about it and picking other people’s brain for plot goodies. ;)


Freaky Friday: Supernatural.

This freaky Friday’s a little different. Y’all know that when not writing, I am a television and movie geek. I’ll fall into just about anything if it’s good. My current obsession is Once Upon a Time….


This, however is about something else. Any Supernatural fans out here? I’ve kept an eye on this show since I found out Dean (that is, Jared Padelecki) was leaving Gilmore Girls for this new paranormal series. Unfortunately, Supernatural, at least in the beginning, creeped me out just a little too much (yep, it’s possible to like and be too creeped out by a genre). Couple the fact that Dean is the name of yet the *other* character in the show, and color me a bit annoyed. (I cannot seem to break my crush on Mr. Padelecki. *fangirl titter* The man just gets cuter with each passing year–it must be that


Jared Padelecki (courtesy Supernatural Wiki)

he deigns to keep his hair long. ;) while the other Dean has that military buzzcut not pretty. ) All this to say I don’t sit down weekly and binge watch the show. But I keep an eye on it. (It’s probably Jolene Dawe and Rosalie Lario‘s faults, somehow! ;)) There’ve been some episodes that I really thought interesting.

This last episode, *Spoiler Alert* Mother’s Little Helper was good–Dean–I mean, Sam hears about these weird murders in a small town and can’t get Dean out of the house to go investigate. No, he’d rather drink (boohiss!), brood (well, he’s got a lot to think about), and comb through books (yea!) for an answer.

So Sam goes on his own and finds a woman who insists she was a nun when the Men of Letters came calling, way back in 1957 and somehow Sam and Dean’s father was knocked out in the process of vanquishing the demon Abaddon when she possessed the Mother Superior.

Now Sam goes investigating and finds the demon nun.

Here’s where my brakes threw on… She throttles Sam, and he throws down his cell phone, after hitting the play button on the music function (I guess. You can tell I have an older phone. ;)) and the benediction goes ringing electronically through the room disabling the demon… and that’s the only way, it seems, he could get this demon to break her hold.

But… umm….I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I was taught gods and demons could hear our thoughts. If that’s so, why couldn’t Sam (or for that matter Father Merrin and Karras in The Exorcist) just think the invocatio or whatever, and sizzle her butt that way*?

Meanwhile, my writer brain says “duh, the viewer has to know what’s happening so has to hear the spell” (and of course, I make my good witch and ghost hunter Caitlin say spells and invocations, too.).  There’s also this: You might say how else was Crowley going to bug Dean with Dean Sam hovering? But, Crowley’s a demon, right? Why can’t he be doing all this without Sam seeing him?)) So, intuitively I know all these are writer tricks, but it still kicked me out of the show and it got me thinking. Nonetheless, it was an intriguing episode. :)


**There’s a fuller rundown of the episode here.

School spirit.

It’s gotten warmer here again so, the ghosts are, I think, hiding out for a bit. ;) The flowers, though, are coming back to life. I evidence of that in my garden this week. It’s almost spring break, it should be! Anyway, It was a nice respite from the Read an Ebook blitz and then I ended up being away from the computer (and home) more than I expected. (To the point of where, I thought I posted this story last week. Fits better for some of you this week anyway–Spring Break, anyone?

Speaking of ghosts. Have you heard about this Arizona school?

Supposedly, it’s haunted. What do you think?

Also, I’m over at author JM Stewart’s blog today, talking about my favorite heroes. You can check that out here.