Mother’s day science fiction and fantasy movies

Yesterday being Mother’s Day I thought I’d run a little list of our top favorite movie Moms specifically from Fantasy and SF genre. Let’s face it, fantasy and SF isn’t a genre big on the healthy family unit. Most parents are either abusive, neglectful (Igraine, Arthur’s mum, falls so in love with Uther, his father, that she ignores and finally gives her children up), or lost somewhere after the birthing process (Harry Potter/ and all the parents of the “orphan saviors” out there in the fantasy genre).

The problem with a list like this is that it reinforces the stereotype that “All women want babies!” which I can tell you without flinching, isn’t so. There are plenty of couples and happy to have their nests all to themselves.

But in the spirit of the holiday, yesterday, here are my nominees for the best Mothers of invent—er, in Fantasy and SF. ;) Ready? Here we go: Continue reading

Freaky Friday: Supernatural.

This freaky Friday’s a little different. Y’all know that when not writing, I am a television and movie geek. I’ll fall into just about anything if it’s good. My current obsession is Once Upon a Time….


This, however is about something else. Any Supernatural fans out here? I’ve kept an eye on this show since I found out Dean (that is, Jared Padelecki) was leaving Gilmore Girls for this new paranormal series. Unfortunately, Supernatural, at least in the beginning, creeped me out just a little too much (yep, it’s possible to like and be too creeped out by a genre). Couple the fact that Dean is the name of yet the *other* character in the show, and color me a bit annoyed. (I cannot seem to break my crush on Mr. Padelecki. *fangirl titter* The man just gets cuter with each passing year–it must be that


Jared Padelecki (courtesy Supernatural Wiki)

he deigns to keep his hair long. ;) while the other Dean has that military buzzcut not pretty. ) All this to say I don’t sit down weekly and binge watch the show. But I keep an eye on it. (It’s probably Jolene Dawe and Rosalie Lario‘s faults, somehow! ;)) There’ve been some episodes that I really thought interesting.

This last episode, *Spoiler Alert* Mother’s Little Helper was good–Dean–I mean, Sam hears about these weird murders in a small town and can’t get Dean out of the house to go investigate. No, he’d rather drink (boohiss!), brood (well, he’s got a lot to think about), and comb through books (yea!) for an answer.

So Sam goes on his own and finds a woman who insists she was a nun when the Men of Letters came calling, way back in 1957 and somehow Sam and Dean’s father was knocked out in the process of vanquishing the demon Abaddon when she possessed the Mother Superior.

Now Sam goes investigating and finds the demon nun.

Here’s where my brakes threw on… She throttles Sam, and he throws down his cell phone, after hitting the play button on the music function (I guess. You can tell I have an older phone. ;)) and the benediction goes ringing electronically through the room disabling the demon… and that’s the only way, it seems, he could get this demon to break her hold.

But… umm….I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I was taught gods and demons could hear our thoughts. If that’s so, why couldn’t Sam (or for that matter Father Merrin and Karras in The Exorcist) just think the invocatio or whatever, and sizzle her butt that way*?

Meanwhile, my writer brain says “duh, the viewer has to know what’s happening so has to hear the spell” (and of course, I make my good witch and ghost hunter Caitlin say spells and invocations, too.).  There’s also this: You might say how else was Crowley going to bug Dean with Dean Sam hovering? But, Crowley’s a demon, right? Why can’t he be doing all this without Sam seeing him?)) So, intuitively I know all these are writer tricks, but it still kicked me out of the show and it got me thinking. Nonetheless, it was an intriguing episode. :)


**There’s a fuller rundown of the episode here.


I’ve not gone missing…I’m thawing…or freezing depending on the day. ;) And Christmas, well, had to go see the family…it’s a bit of a downer since we’ve lost some members recently but we do love to get together. While trying not to think too much on the downer stuff,  I’ve been enjoying the Venture Brothers. I don’t know if any of you have seen that but it is hilarious!

The bizarre animated escapades of pseudo-heroic scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his competent, high strung bodyguard, and his two over-enthusiastic sons.



Solstice was fun, if cold. I got a new drum. Ya!!! Isn’t it pretty?S/W Ver: 97.04.30RI’ve never been a drummer before, but I do love the monthly drumming circles.

For Christmas I was working very diligently on something writing-like–and except for the cookies I made didn’t get it done on time. Hope to have it done  to release soon. It’s formatting currently.

In the meantime, did you see I was interviewed in Eternal Haunted Summer this week? It’s up here if you’d like to see. I also have a new story there as well as do some other very talented authors and poets. Do check the new issue out if you have a chance. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Once Upon A Time

What do you think of Once Upon a Time? What do you think of the new season so far? I spent the last couple weeks, prior to the debut rewatching the season with Mom (DVRs rock) I have a few faves, but a few niggle points still stick.

I think their definition of fairy tale’s a bit loose, however loved the Alice episode (are you surprised?), and Pinocchio’s an adorable kid.(and what in the world is happening to him now??? (no, no. No spoiler…You have to watch last night’s episode to learn that. I’m not telling.

Here’s the biggest question I had at the end of season one: if a character’s secret is revealed in the first season….(like several all throughout the first season–or page one in book terms), isn’t it a mite too soon? For instance the end of OUAT, season one! Did they just blow the mystery out of the rest of the (presumably) seasons to come?

Now that you know what the secret is, what’s to keep you watching?

I ask this because I’m of the camp that Melanie Rawn spawned: Don’t tell all your secrets until you have to. (In her case, it was the very end of book two of one of her series–when will book three come out?????) *ahem* and it’s a big thing in Mystery writing. You lay out your secrets gradually. You do NOT reveal everyone’s GMC immediately (sorry romance writers, you’ve been taught wrong).

If I tell you “My Character is Actually The Easter Bunny In Disguise” on page two what’s left to keep you reading (or in the case of OUAT, watching)? That the other characters don’t know, to me, seems ….a lame consolation (easily fixed by a conversation–and we don’t like that either).

Still, will I keep watching Once Upon A Time? You betcha.  Heck after that bang up season two open, even my hubby’s watching! ;) And did you see Sunday night’s?

I also want to see who they’ll cover next (I’d kinda like to see them do the Swan Princess or Snow White and Rose Red) and how they’ll fix this mindF– that Mr. Gold caused. What about you? What fairy tale are you looking forward to this season?