Blogging about corrections, color, cookies

C: Corrections, color, cookies.

Despite the fact that I’ve blogged more recently (you’re shocked, I know), I’m busy writing. I’m making revisions on a forthcoming story so my mind keeps going to that. Corrections, ugh. Yes, I too make typos. It’s part of life. So right now, I’m going through and making those corrections. The other c-topic on my mind? Color. I’ve been participating in the April event my friend puts on for the nail community, so Mainly blue. For this month, I have a lot of blue nail polish. :)


My husband likes the sweet stuff, though, so this seemed a good addition. topic.


(and now…cookies!)

Sorry I didn’t actually get a chance to bake any. That’s where the corrections and the writing gets in the way.

I guess I could add to this topic, my new book’s title falls in the C’s. :) *hinthint* Stay tuned for that. So…that’s my boring ole C topic this week.

A is for author and….

So as usual, I am late. It’ April, so I’ve been thinking more about the Paint it Blue for Autism, event than anything.

Best laid plans, and all. But I wrote two already so I thought I’d get posty.


A) Author
I am an author. I’ve been writing for damned near my whole life. I’ve been trying to get published since I was 19. (that feels like damned near my whole life). Up until last two years, self publishing was never on my radar. I was always trying to get that elusive contract. I have it now, along with several other books (*whispers* self published) and I’ve learned I actually enjoy self publishing, so I intend to do it for as long as I can. Yes, I  know we’re not supposed to (omg) talk about our authoring but that’s so silly to me. Would you tell a mother not to talk about her children? I am an author. I hope you like my…stuff. LoL

I’m also an amateur photographer. All the time, really. Sometimes I piddle with photoshop, just to see what I can do with the final pic. Like so.pinkfresco

So A…doesn’t equal multi-talented, but there you go.


School spirit.

It’s gotten warmer here again so, the ghosts are, I think, hiding out for a bit. ;) The flowers, though, are coming back to life. I evidence of that in my garden this week. It’s almost spring break, it should be! Anyway, It was a nice respite from the Read an Ebook blitz and then I ended up being away from the computer (and home) more than I expected. (To the point of where, I thought I posted this story last week. Fits better for some of you this week anyway–Spring Break, anyone?

Speaking of ghosts. Have you heard about this Arizona school?

Supposedly, it’s haunted. What do you think?

Also, I’m over at author JM Stewart’s blog today, talking about my favorite heroes. You can check that out here.

Tiresome dribble | Tampa Bay Times

I read this article, and laughed out loud. The moral of the story, spell check is *not* your friend. Read on….

Every time I write a column criticizing the misuse of English by “citizen journalists” on the Internet, I get two kinds of reader response. The first are letters of applause, often from prim grammarians pushing their own pet peeves. The second type is scolding me for being a prim grammarian, such as this letter from reader J. Meyers….

read more via Tiresome dribble | Tampa Bay Times.

Mountain fall and a book

The one thing about living in Florida that I will admit I miss is the fall color. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any so last month I went up to North Carolina, again, hoping to see some color. As usual, I took my camera. :)mountains_1013

Unfortunately, no matter where we went, the trees hadn’t quite all turned yet. But of course I had to get the smoke off the mountains. :) It just looks so cool…and in some ways, mystical, yes?


This one isn’t as colorful, but I loved the few dots of shadow on the left-hand mountain so I couldn’t resist. *sigh* Maybe next year we’ll get up there a little later and I’ll get some pretty color.

Oh! Also, I got something nifty in the mail this week.


Why yes! That would be a paperback copy of Passion’s Sacred Dance. (Just in time for Christmas shopping. Ack, Christmas!)

Also, if you look close (beyond my funny looking mug) the neighbor’s dog thinks he’s hiding behind the fence pole. ;) *cough* You can’t, he thinks you can’t see him. *lol* So those are my pictures.

Oh and Passion’s Sacred Dance is now available for pre-order and The Wild Rose Press and Amazon as part of the “Matchbook” program at Amazon and at Itunes.

Remember, the Kindle version is available or purchase anytime.

Oh,  Caitlin’s Book of Shadows has been, er, slightly updated this week. Er…okay. So if you’d like a copy of that, it’s available at Amazon too, for $.99.

So those are my Saturday Snapshots. :) Have a good weekend!

Nanowrimo is…going. I’m just not quite to where I want to be, at the moment.