romantic doom #discounted

My publisher has put my paranormal romance novel, Passion’s Sacred Dance, on sale for $.99 at Amazon and other venues for Kindle and other ebook readers.

Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, Itunes, Kobo, and of course, at The Wild Rose Press site.


Unless Stacy Macken can stave off her creditors, she may lose her historic art gallery–a loss she can’t afford for, she suspects, more reason than one. Then Aaron Fielding appears, claiming to be a Tuatha dé Danaan warrior dedicated to protecting humanity from demonic monsters and that her land is their sacred battlefield. Confirming everything she feared. Stacy and Aaron must work together to ensure mankind survives, but their mutual attraction only complicates things.

Have you had a chance to read it yet? If not, now’s the time! :) As to the doom part (hehe), I’ll let you read and decipher that on your own.

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