A is for author and….

So as usual, I am late. It’ April, so I’ve been thinking more about the Paint it Blue for Autism, event than anything.

Best laid plans, and all. But I wrote two already so I thought I’d get posty.


A) Author
I am an author. I’ve been writing for damned near my whole life. I’ve been trying to get published since I was 19. (that feels like damned near my whole life). Up until last two years, self publishing was never on my radar. I was always trying to get that elusive contract. I have it now, along with several other books (*whispers* self published) and I’ve learned I actually enjoy self publishing, so I intend to do it for as long as I can. Yes, I  know we’re not supposed to (omg) talk about our authoring but that’s so silly to me. Would you tell a mother not to talk about her children? I am an author. I hope you like my…stuff. LoL

I’m also an amateur photographer. All the time, really. Sometimes I piddle with photoshop, just to see what I can do with the final pic. Like so.pinkfresco

So A…doesn’t equal multi-talented, but there you go.


2 thoughts on “A is for author and….

  1. I think self-publishing is great, you get full control over your work and I think writers would miss that if they had a contract. Though I understand the reasons people want a publishing deal :D

    1. I agree, Harliqueen. There can be advantages to both forms. I do like that full control (mostly) it gives me. Thank goodness self publishing is an option now. Time was not so long ago, people weren’t too keen on it. I’m pleased that’s changed.

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