Free Today! The Physician’s Irish Lady

Susan Macatee’s new Victorian (American) romance, The Physician’s Irish Lady, is free on Amazon today, for a limited time. Do check it out!

Keara Fagan is falsely accused of insurrection against the British and sentenced to indentured servitude in Australia. The Irish native escapes on a ship bound for America with no money and the clothes on her back. Now, she must stay on the run while trying to survive in a strange land.

As Dr. Elliot James travels by train from Philadelphia to York, a young woman faints at his feet. He’s sworn, as a physician, to aid the sick and injured, but fears this woman needs more than medical help. Enchanted by her beauty and touched by her dignity, he buys her a meal and offers her a place to stay in his small Pennsylvania town.

But a mysterious Irishman pursues her to the idyllic town surrounded by scenic farmland.Is he the abusive husband come to claim his runaway wife, or someone more sinister?

Susan Macatee Romance Writer

thephysiciansirishlady_w8189_750Today is the first day of my five day free period on Amazon Select. If you have a Kindle, you can download a copy of my new Victorian-American ebook romance, The Physician’s Irish Lady.

Available exclusively on Amazon KDP select

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