Mountain fall and a book

The one thing about living in Florida that I will admit I miss is the fall color. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any so last month I went up to North Carolina, again, hoping to see some color. As usual, I took my camera. :)mountains_1013

Unfortunately, no matter where we went, the trees hadn’t quite all turned yet. But of course I had to get the smoke off the mountains. :) It just looks so cool…and in some ways, mystical, yes?


This one isn’t as colorful, but I loved the few dots of shadow on the left-hand mountain so I couldn’t resist. *sigh* Maybe next year we’ll get up there a little later and I’ll get some pretty color.

Oh! Also, I got something nifty in the mail this week.


Why yes! That would be a paperback copy of Passion’s Sacred Dance. (Just in time for Christmas shopping. Ack, Christmas!)

Also, if you look close (beyond my funny looking mug) the neighbor’s dog thinks he’s hiding behind the fence pole. ;) *cough* You can’t, he thinks you can’t see him. *lol* So those are my pictures.

Oh and Passion’s Sacred Dance is now available for pre-order and The Wild Rose Press and Amazon as part of the “Matchbook” program at Amazon and at Itunes.

Remember, the Kindle version is available for purchase anytime.

Oh,  Caitlin’s Book of Shadows has been, er, slightly updated this week. Er…okay. So if you’d like a copy of that, it’s available at Amazon too, for $.99.

So those are my Saturday Snapshots. :) Have a good weekend!

Nanowrimo is…going. I’m just not quite to where I want to be, at the moment.

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