Halloween Castle open for business.

afternoonteatag*Mistress turns locks and peeks out* Full moon, check, werewolves, check. Minions have the torture chamber and guard tower all decked out. Check. Oh! Look. A hearse or two. Looks like the guests are arriving. Good! Welcome, everyone, to my humble castle. I’m glad you could make it. We do so look forward to opening up the castle to new victim—er, guests this time of year. I’m sure the graveyard will stay quiet this year. We’ve brought in a voodoo priestess or two just to make sure Doctor Helsing stays where he belongs.

Juli: *We hope, anyway. Turns out we’re already besieged by gremlins.*

*Mistress looks at Minion* What was that, Juli my dear?

I was apologizing for letting our first guest out of her cage early. Sorry to interrupt.

*Mistress leans against door jamb and shakes head at first guest* Aw, well. There’s nothing wrong with that. :) Clarissa’s welcome any time.

*Juli*: Very true. *Aside* Night mistress needs all the friends she can get.

Mistress: You’re mumbling again, dear. Don’t mind her, my dears. Good minions are so hard to find. The beating will take place after the close of festivities, tonight. Never mind. We have a bevy of talented guests for your reading pleasure this year—from  the steamy to the macabre. Our guests include:

√Paranormal fiction author Clarissa Johal

√Romance/new adult author Julia Rachel Barrett

√Paranormal romance author Dylan Newton

√Historical romance and fantasy author S.G. Rogers

√Paranormal Romance author L.A. Kelley

√Paranormal horror author Geoff Wakeling

Paranormal erotic romance author Eliza March

Paranormal/western  romance author Loretta C. Rogers

New Adult Paranormal author Brandy Nacole

Other invited authors include

Paranormal romance (zombies!) author Renee Charles

Do come in and make yourselves comfortable. Minions are laying out brew and sweetmeats as we speak. So come, welcome to Halloween at our castle.

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