Freaky Friday–Halloween’s Right around the Corner!

Thanks to The Paranormalist for pointing this etsy category out. With Halloween right around the corner, have you even thought about what your costume will be? Well, I’m not saying these could necessarily be costumes (although they could) but how about freaking out the kids (or come to that family on Thanksgiving!) with a Spooky themed apron? Neat huh?

Retro Style Halloween Apron / Glitter Witches Bats by Eclectasie.

And of course use some bloody brain soap to wash those dishes…. or your hands, or the body parts that might be lying around. ;) Bloody brain soap by SweetbathConfections.

How about a good, old fashioned jewelry, like this Gothic Bat Necklace by Sinister Vanity? Can’t you just seeĀ  Morticia Addams or Lily Munster wearing something like that? :) So, I think the question for this Freaky Friday is, are you ready for Halloween yet?

3 thoughts on “Freaky Friday–Halloween’s Right around the Corner!

  1. I did not know I even wanted an apron until I saw the ones I featured at my post. Now, I’m looking at others … even non-Halloween-y ones. There’s something so deliciously creepy about those old fashioned bib-style versions (especially it there’s rickrack or ruffles.)

  2. I know, right? I could totally see my little brother snagging a bunch of this for his Halloween romps. :) It’s always good to hear from you, dear Rosalie. I hope life’s treating you well. ;)

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